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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Monthly Archives: October 2009

Hill Fails To Impress (& Knick Tidbits)

Knick fans that hoped the 2009 #8 pick would pay immediate dividends are going to be disappointed. Mike D’Antoni said Jordan Hill “got a ways to go” with regards to being NBA ready. A quote like this would be expected if New York grabbed a teenager from Europe like Ricky Rubio or Brandon Jennings. But Jordan Hill is 22, and spent 3 years in Arizona. Shouldn’t he be ready to contribute to the NBA now? Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by the Knicks recent power forward draftees. Channing Frye, like Hill, was 22 year old #8 overall pick from Arizona and …continue reading

Reviewing the 2010 Basketball Prospectus

I’ve been writing about the NBA for over 5 few years now, and I don’t think my disdain for writers using the same old cliches in lieu of true analysis has been hidden. This is especially true for articles on the Knicks, a team I’ve covered closely in that time span. A few years ago the best place for top notch basketball analysis was the Basketball Prospectus, the brainchild of John Hollinger. But after signing with ESPN, Hollinger moved his team and player analysis to ESPN’s Insider. Although I’m far from a luddite and Hollinger’s eye was just as sharp, …continue reading

Knicks 2010 Season Preview Part 4

[Part 1 is here.] [Part 2 is here.] [Part 3 is here.] Eddy Curry – Center/Big Contract What the Stats Say There are two Eddy Curry stats that Knick fans seem to care about right now: 1. $11,276,863 – Curry’s toxic 2010-2011 cap number, an amount which is to the summer of 2010 what a sudden, violent intestinal problem is to a date: impossible to cure, impossible to ignore, and sure to leave you alone at the end of the evening, dreaming of what might have been. 2. 318 pounds – Curry’s reported weight, 40 pounds less than it was …continue reading

Knicks 2010 Season Preview Part 3

[Part 1 is here.] [Part 2 is here.] David Lee – Power Forward/Center What the Stats Say Amid all the hubbub about David Lee “playing out of position at center” and the Knicks “needing to find a true big man so that Lee can move back to his natural position,” one simple fact has largely been lost: David Lee is better at playing center than he is at playing power forward. Don’t believe it? Check out this dichotomy (courtesy of David Lee 48-Minute Production by Position (2008-2009) POS FGA eFG% FTA iFG Reb Ast T/O Blk PF Pts PER* …continue reading

Knicks 2010 Season Preview Part 1

With the 2010 season nearly upon us, it’s time to go into season preview mode. We’re going to kick it off with a look at the players in a 4 part series, followed by more Knickly goodness. We’re going to run right up to the start of the season (save perhaps for a weekend breather). So here we go…