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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Monthly Archives: September 2009

More Quotes From David Lee

“We came in last summer looking for a long term deal and we couldn’t get that done and that’s unfortunate. Yet at the same time I understand what the Knicks are doing. I told Mr. Walsh when we had a meeting about a month ago that I don’t want to be a part of the problem, I want to be a part of the solution.”

Lee Resigned Officially, Nate Resigned Unoffically

The Knicks have resigned David Lee to a one year $7M deal and have unofficially given Nate Robinson $2.9M with possible bonuses to increase the amount. Given how late in the off season this news comes and how neither player had any other options, the news is anti-climactic. With 9 days until the first preseason game, this means that last year’s rotation will return in full except for Quentin Richardson.

Marbury Agonistes

I feel the crushing need to say something in this, the quietest off-season in eons, about our former prodigal son, Starbury, especially now that he’s tweeted his retirement. (of sorts)… For those who might have missed it, back in July, our man in Coney Island first decided to broadcast himself live on Ustream for 24 consecutive hours. Here’s a partial transcript: I found myself checking in from time to time over the course of that day. And honestly, it was unfathomably compelling. He argued with the cable guy. He traded barbs with fans commenting. At one point he said, …continue reading

The Remastered Michael Jordan

Two things happen this week that seem momentous but really aren’t. Except that they kind of are. Yesterday, (when love was such an easy game to play), a remastered edition of The Beatles’ entire catalogue was released, much to the delight of millions of people who already own copies of all of their records. On Friday, Michael Jordan (for whom Game 1 of the 1992 Finals was such an easy game to play) will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, a foregone conclusion that would have come to pass five years ago had Jordan not (temporarily) traded his …continue reading