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Friday, December 13, 2019

Monthly Archives: August 2009

2009 Report Card: Chris Wilcox

The Knicks acquired Chris Wilcox in February in exchange for a barely used Malik Rose. It seemed that Wilcox was going to play center and push the undersized David Lee back to power forward, but instead Wilcox spelled Lee at center. Looking at his most frequent 5-man units from 82games, Lee doesn’t appear in any of them. Watching Wilcox play, gave me a new appreciation of Lee. Both players have a similar style, but Wilcox lags behind in multiple areas. He was less efficient when it comes to inside scoring, and he was less able to stretch the offense. According …continue reading

Robinson Arrested

For Knick fans antsy for any news on free agency, today brings them a story even they would rather not hear. According to multiple sources, Nate Robinson was arrested last night for driving without a license. The Daily News reported that the Knick guard was pulled over for driving without a seat belt, and that they had found his license had been suspended. Additionally Robinson was twittering during the encounter saying: “Cops pulled me over cuz my windows were 2 dark (but my windows were down) lol how funny is that,” AND later “I am still pulled over and its …continue reading

Lee Talks

At a basketball camp, David Lee speaks on his contract situation, courtesy of the Lower Hudson Journal News: “It’s been a little frustrating, but my agent came up a couple of weeks ago and we had a meeting with Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni and found out where we were, and the purpose behind what’s going on, and it kind of all makes sense to me now,” Lee said. “We agreed on what I thought I was worth, so it’s not a money issue. What it comes down to is they need their flexibility for the 2010 summer. Whether they …continue reading

Could Robinson’s Deal Come Soon?

It’s been a quiet preseason for the Knicks. If NBA free agency were airplanes, restricted free agents David Lee and Nate Robinson are in a holding pattern waiting for the weather to change. And the Milwaukee to New York flight (Ramon Sessions) hasn’t gotten off the ground, and may be rerouted to Los Angeles. So over anxious New Yorkers, like yours truly, are looking for any clue that might shed some light on these events. Nate Robinson is a frequent twitterer, and perhaps he hinted at a Knicks resigning. Yo twill ill be in nyc on the 17th my dude …continue reading