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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Monthly Archives: June 2009

Four Factors: Finals Game 1

Let’s check out the four factors* from yesterday’s game. TM |PTS |POSS | OE | eFG | TO | OREB | |FT ORL | 75 |85.0 | 88.2 | 35.1 | 9.4 | 20.0 | 27.3 LAL |100 |88.5 |113.1 | 47.8 |10.2 | 32.6 | 16.9 Just a total ass kicking. The Lakers shot worse than their season average, but they limited the Magic to a meager 35.1% eFG. Los Angeles also dominated the offensive glass, using a team effort with no player pulling down more than 3. This is surprising because Orlando was the second best defensive rebounding …continue reading

Finals Poll

Didn’t have time to come up with a preview of the Finals this year, but you can check out Kevin Pelton’s at Basketball Prospectus or John Hollinger at ESPN. So I’ll just leave you with a poll, and of course your own comments… {democracy:29}

Over/Under: Hasheem Thabeet 10 PPG

I can’t take credit for this idea, as it originally was a question on Pardon the Interruption. However I’d like to add a twist on it. The original question was whether Thabeet would average 10 points per game over his career. Instead my question is “Will Thabeet have an average of 10 ppg over his first three seasons?” In other words if his career ended after 3 seasons, would his career scoring average be over or under 10 points per game? To compare with other defensive minded centers, Dikembe Mutombo managed to average 10+ ppg in each of his first …continue reading