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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Monthly Archives: May 2009

Leitch’s Knicks

Will Leitch, of Deadspin fame, wrote in New York Magazine how the Knicks can survive the next 18 months. In the article he offers 6 steps the team should take: 1. Don’t match a multiyear offer for Nate Robinson. 2. Don’t sign David Lee unless the market forces you. If it does, trade him. 3. Call Eddy Curry to make sure he’s on the treadmill. 4. Draft Stephen Curry. 5. Trade for Tracy McGrady. 6. Stay patient. So what would the team’s roster look like if they followed Leitch’s advice? Well let’s assume that the Knicks don’t resign Nate Robinson …continue reading

Pre-Draft Camp Mock and Draft Thoughts Part II: L-O-T-T-O!

If you haven’t already done so take a look at Part I, done prior to the lottery. Now that the ping pong balls have bounced, leaving our beloved Knickerbockers no better or worse off than they’d have been just based on record, I’ll re-work the lottery picks and post the remainder of this first round mock. 1. LA Clippers – Blake Griffin, PF, Oklahoma: If Mike Dunleavy’s recent declaration of undying love for Blake Griffin is true then he’ll probably trade players to clear room for his new beloved. If it’s not true then the #1 pick may represent a …continue reading

Lakers, Nuggets, and Four Factors

Last night I was unable to watch Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. Although the best way to analyze a game is to watch it and then compare the visual with the statistical results, sometimes that isn’t possible. For instance nobody watches all 1,312 regular season games, so everyone tends to rely on statistics to fill in the blanks. Of course it’s important to know which stats to use to best understand the action. When looking at the team level, there’s nothing better than the four factors. So I decided to calculate them for last night’s game. TEAM | …continue reading

If I Ruled the (NBA) World…

So, if David Stern… let me be the next NBA commissioner here’s what I’d do… Well actually, before I start changing anything let me say a few words about what is right and what is wrong with the league. The NBA’s big picture is actually pretty good, all things considered (even if rumors persist about owners gearing up for a lockout). What’s Right About the NBA? 1. The Product. Right now I’d say that the NBA offers the best on-field product, followed by MLB, with the NFL running a somewhat distant third among the three major sports leagues. That may …continue reading

2009 Draft Lottery

On Tuesday night the NBA will hold the lottery to set the order of the draft. With the 8th pick, the Knicks have a 2.8% chance of winning the top overall pick, and a 10% chance of being in the top 10. Wikipedia does a good job breaking down their odds. while ESPN features a lottery+mock draft simulator. For fun I counted how many times I would need to click for the Knicks to get into the top 3. New York got the #1 overall pick on my 9th try. Seed Chances 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th …continue reading