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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Monthly Archives: April 2009

2009 Game Thread: Nets vs Knicks

[Back to the old blog style for the last game of the season. In case anyone is curious I’ll leave the forums up for now, because a few threads are still active.] These two teams have nothing to play for, or more specifically nothing to win for. A Knick win combined with a Raptor loss would have the two teams tied at 32 wins, meaning a coin flip would determine which team picks 8th in the draft. As for the Nets, a win could move them from a potential 10th overall pick to 14th, depending on if Charlotte and Indiana …continue reading

Forum or Blog Style?

It’s been almost 3 months since I added forums to KnickerBlogger. At the time many of my readers were asking for such an addition so that they could start their own topics of discussion. Once I created them, many people didn’t like having to check more than one spot for updates, so I closed comments on the blogs and routed everything to the forums. At that time it seemed that discussion slowed down. I figured this was due to the change and an adjustment period, but the totals have never reached their pre-forum level. I was going to write this …continue reading

Gallinari to Have Surgery

According to ESPN (via AP): The Knicks announced Friday that Gallinari will have surgery Tuesday at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan, performed by an orthopedic spine specialist. The procedure, a laminotomy, shaves the bony plate surrounding a nerve root. The Knicks have also invited a neurosurgeon from Gallinari’s native Italy to observe. They key word is laminotomy, so here are some links on the procedure: The term laminotomy is derived from the Latin words lamina (bony plate that covers the posterior arch of the vertebra) and -otomy (act of cutting, incision). When an intervertebral disc ruptures …continue reading