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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Monthly Archives: March 2009

Seven Seconds or Mess: Webisode 18

I know it’s been a while, KB, but the 7SoM is back. If you’re curious about where I’ve been just read the first paragraph here. I’ve missed the opportunity to break down the collapse of the team’s playoff hunt but the issues that caused it are the same issues I’ve tried to lay out on tape all season. So with the remaining schedule I’ll be pointing out some of the negative aspects of the Knicks’ key players. First up is David Lee whose shortcomings on the defensive end have been on display in previous episodes. In episode 18, I show …continue reading

Haven’t the Knicks Improved?

Earlier today, the Pro Basketball News featured an article on the Knicks on their front page. It was entitled “Same old New York” and claimed that “a closer look reveals that the Knicks aren’t any better in their first year under Mike D’Antoni than they were in their first under Isiah Thomas.” Intrigued, I copied the text of the article to my blackberry to read on the train ride in. Unfortunately during the trip I was so upset by the writing that I started making notes on the back of a magazine to write this blog about it. The author, …continue reading

Knicks Signed Courtney Sims

Thanks to TDM from the forums for the heads up. New York has let Cheikh Samb’s 10 day contract expire, and has signed Courtney Sims instead. Sims brings a different skill set to the team. DraftExpress praised his hands (“his touch is absolutely terrific”) and said he was more refined scorer than the other D-League big men due to his ability to create his own shot. Unfortunately his defense is suspect. Defensively, Sims still has plenty of room for improvement, as he gave up position far too easily in the paint and also did a poor job for the most …continue reading

Wanted: Orlando’s Broadcast of 3/21/09’s Game

The wrote a wrap up of yesterday’s Knicks-Magic game that included some four factor analysis. But apparently they’re not the only ones covering the Magic that are using advanced stats. This morning I received this in my inbox: Mike, I thought you’d like to know that Magic color commentator Matt Guokas mentioned your site tonight when discussing advanced stats. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard a Magic telecast, but Guokas and play-by-play man David Steele have a reasonably sophisticated knowledge of advanced stats. They’re the only guys I know who refer to pace, offensive efficiency, and defensive efficiency. …continue reading

Knicks Should Concede Season

New York’s Wednesday’s loss against the Nets was especially tough. The team had gone on a mini-3 game win streak before dropping one to powerhouse Cleveland, and beating the Nets at home would have helped them get back on the playoff track. Instead they suffered a disheartening 115-89 defeat. At halftime the Knicks were only down by 11, but New Jersey expanded the lead slowly over the third quarter and the game slipped away from the Knicks. With under 4 minutes remaining and the win out of his grasp, Coach D’Antoni conceded the victory and brought in reserves Samb, Wilcox, …continue reading

Knicks 116 Pistons 111 (OT)

I actually got to watch the game live last night. That’s a tall order for someone who has a 2 year old child and an expecting wife. I didn’t watch the whole game, just the second half. During the fourth quarter when the Knicks had made the game close, I had turned to my wife and said I miss the Knicks being good. Maybe I’m nostalgic for the old days, but it seemed like when the Knicks were winning the city was a more exciting place. Even though they won, I felt something missing because for the most part it …continue reading

Why Nate Must Play

The most obvious reason is that Chris Duhon is killing us. Whether you think he was due to plummet back to earth following his hot-shooting start or you think he was ground to the nub by unsustainable usage, the fact is that when Duhon is turning the ball over he usually doesn’t do enough in other categories to offset that. And wow is he turning the ball over. According to his 22.4 turnover % after 61 games is well above his career average of 18.3%. In fairness, he is delivering a career high assist % of 29, though it …continue reading