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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Monthly Archives: January 2009

Nomination for Worst Article of 2009

Well it didn’t take long for someone to put their hat in the ring for worst article of 2009. Today’s Daily News features an article written by Frank Isola titled “David Lee’s days as a Knick may be numbered.” The column names four players (David Lee, Eddy Curry, Quentin Richardson and Nate Robinson) who are most often mentioned in trade rumors. Isola says that prior to the Feb. 19th trading deadline, there’s “a strong possibility that at least one or two of those players” and he continues to single out Lee as the one most likely to leave New York. …continue reading

2009 Game Preview/Game Thread: Knicks at Mavericks

New York lost a heartbreaker to Dallas at MSG on November 16, 2008 114-124 in overtime.  That game seemed to send the teams in different directions.  Since that game, Dallas has won 18 of 24 games.  Conversely, New York has won only 7 of 23 games.    Team                         Poss    Eff        eFG%    TO     OREB%  FT/FG New York Offense     98.1    105.6    49.5       15.7    23.6        20.9 Rank                          1         19         13           17       28           26 Dallas Defense            91.3    105.2     47.0      13.9    25.9        22.6 Rank                           16       10          4           28       11           10 New York Defense     98.1    108.9     51.8      15.1     26.9       20.1 Rank                           1         21          28         20        16          5 Dallas Offense             91.3    108.0     49.2      …continue reading

The Expected

Sometimes a commenter makes an point that inspires an article. I could have written this in the comments section, but I think it deserves an post of it’s own. Yesterday BigBlueAL wrote: Look I have praised David Lee alot this season because he has improved his offense alot in terms of hitting that baseline jumper a bit more consistantly and being able to drive more often w/o getting his shot sent into the stands. But his numbers to me are a huge reflection of this system and Randolph being traded. Defensively he is still horrible and is not going to …continue reading

2009 Game Thread: Knicks at Thunder

From yesterday’s Alan Hahn blog: A 6-foot-11 300-pound behemoth at the top of the key handling the ball, going behind his back (or attempting to) and dribbling down the lane en route to the basket much to the delight of his teammates. The culprit? Eddy Curry. Yes, you read that correctly. Not only was Curry practicing for the second time in three days, he was working on his handles during a certain sequence as the Knicks were practicing the pick-and-roll. He wasn’t doing it for show — and it wasn’t a great one anyway because the cat still has a …continue reading

2009 Game Preview: Knicks @ Thunder

A slight change to the Knicks’ Week in Advance that you have come to depend upon.  Instead of the weekly article, I will provide a preview/game thread as often as I can.  This will give you up to date info on the match ups rather than week old data.  This also gives me more air time on the site so it’s a win-win for us all.   New York won the first of two meetings against Oklahoma City 116-106 at MSG on November 14, 2008.  New York prevailed due to a large edge in 3 point field goals made (7 …continue reading