2009 Toney Douglas Pre-Camp Interview

I sat down with Toney Douglas on 9/28/09 for about 2 minutes and 37 seconds, and he was kind enough to answer my questions.

Mike Kurylo: What position do you see yourself in the NBA, point guard, shooting guard or combo guard? 2009-interview-toney-douglas

Toney Douglas: Point guard.

Mike Kurylo: What did you learn about the NBA from playing in the summer league?

Toney Douglas: In college there is a lot of help defense, but in the NBA [things are] more spaced out. One mistake and [you’ve given up a] bucket. I feel like in college you can just go fast [all the time], but in the NBA you have to pick & choose when to go fast.

Mike Kurylo: What would you say is your greatest asset or skill?

Toney Douglas: I feel like I’m able to run a team at the point guard position. I’m also able to score the ball. Whatever my coach asks me to do, I’m able to do [which will] make my teammates better. On the defensive end, I’m able to get in the passing lane. I’ve always had a knack for defense, and I feel I can change the game.

Mike Kurylo: How do you get better on defense and practice defense?

Toney Douglas: You have to practice it in practice, and you always have to stay in your stance. In the NBA, you lock your knees out or one mistake, it’s over. You always have to be aware of what’s going on if you’re on the ball or off the ball.

Mike Kurylo: From what I saw in the summer league your passing looked really good, but it looked like you had a hard time finding your shot. What was wrong in the summer league, were you off or did you have a couple of bad games?

Toney Douglas: I feel like my shot will be just fine, it was just summer league. I’m not worried about that and my coaches and my teammates are not worried about that. Since I’ve been here [training with the team] I’ve been just fine. It was just one of those weeks.

Mike Kurylo: Did you feel comfortable passing the ball playing with new teammates?

Toney Douglas: Most definitely I felt comfortable. One thing you have to be as the point guard and leader of the team you have to make everybody else feel comfortable by knowing what they can and can’t do.

Mike Kurylo: Which of your new teammates are you looking forward to playing alongside with?

Toney Douglas: Well, well, ummm, Jared [Jeffries], Chris [Duhon], Nate [Robinson], Gallo, all of them. I’m really looking forward to playing with them in the type of system we have.

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Mike Kurylo

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19 thoughts to “2009 Toney Douglas Pre-Camp Interview”

  1. Strange starting lineup for the game against NJ:


    Jeffries could play anything from the 3 – 5 in this lineup. It sounds like Wilson, Gallo, Nate, Darko will come off the bench, and maybe one of the rookies, probably Douglas. I think he’s giving Hughes and Jeffries a chance to shape up for contract/trade value reasons…

  2. Maybe Douglas was trying to pump up Jeffries trade value by naming him first. Too bad he prefaced it with “well, well, ummm” instead saying “most definitely Jared Jeffries. It’s going to be such a thrill to share the court with a guy who’s length is game changing– a guy who can play four positions, make plays, finishes around the basket, and is a lock-down defender.”

    Didn’t Toney learn anything on Media Preparation day at camp?

  3. Ok, so I’m an eternal optimist AND totally irrational…but I’m excited to see:

    Gallo — what’s not to like.
    Douglas — I think he was the better of our two picks

    and…here comes the insane part…

    Darko — I have this irrational thought that this guy is finally going to turn it around playing in an offense that suits his skills, for a coach who gets him. In fact, I’m going totally whacked out on a limb and predict that in hindsight, this will be seen as the trade where Donnie stole something for nothing.

    Hey, I can dream prior to the first exhibition game right? :-D

  4. “I have this irrational thought that this guy is finally going to turn it around playing in an offense that suits his skills, for a coach who gets him.”

    Which offensive skills? I think Darko is right on that how he can help this team is defense and rebounding.

  5. I found the preseason opener very encouraging. Everyone played at least as well as one could realistically expect. Everyone contributed.

    Things to get excited about: Jeffries from 3, Douglas on D, Gallo in every facet.

    Bright spots: Chandler and Harrington all-around, and D in general

    So-so (but still solid): Lee, Nate, Duhon

    Not so hot: Hughes

    Hill and Darko both had a presence on the court, going back and forth from looking poised to looking raw

  6. BTW, Harris and Lopez were very good, Douglas-Roberts and Yi also stood out. That team is definitely not very good, though.

  7. Sorry Z-Man, I live in Miami so cant watch any pre-season games therefore cant comment on the game today.

  8. Douglas plays incredibly intense D, and as the announcers said, fights thru screens with a vengeance. Unfortunately, he can’t shoot worth a lick. You watch Harrington sometimes and his ability to hit 3’s and pull up mid range jumpers and you wonder if he’s an underacheiver or maybe a guy who can’t score in big spots.

    Not a bad effort, but the Nets beyond Lopez and Harris are atrocious.

  9. Just saw the highlights on NBA.com, best part was both of Gallo’s 3’s came in transition and were assisted by Nate!! No more freezing out of Gallo!! lol

    Also saw 2 nice assists by Gallo on David Lee dunks.

  10. didnt see the whole game but did catch gallo zipping in a nice pass btw 2 defenders for a dlee dunk…. the announcers were gushing

  11. Gallo really has a great feel for the game and superb court vision for such a young player. I wonder when we can stop crossing our fingers about his back…

  12. …I think we’ll all worry about Gallo’s back for the next few seasons.

    Nice first game. Good too see MD’A go with his best 5 to start the 3rd (Duhon, Will, Gallo, Harrington, Lee).

    The best thing about Jeffries knocking down threes (knock on wood) is that you could (potentially) deal him for an expiring to a contender that isn’t hoarding cap room for next season, like San Antonio, Dallas, Denver, Boston, Orlando, etc.

  13. I can’t believe I’ve made it four months without watching basketball. I’m aching.

  14. Here’s one of our ace beat writer’s take on the game:

    “Danilo Gallinari’s rust shows in Knicks’ preseason loss to Nets”
    BY Frank Isola

    Wow, at least get the winner right Frank! That’s beyond sloppy, it’s idiotic. And of course, negative.

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