2009 Game Preview: Knicks @ Warriors

New York looks to bounce back from maybe the toughest loss of the season.  I can’t think of anohter game so far that has resulted in so much analysis.  Both Mike K. and 7SOM took a good long look at the game.  If you have not read what they have to say, I encourage you to take a look-it’s good stuff.

What would happen if they played an All-Star game and none of the All-Stars showed up?  You would get the last meeting between New York and Golden State.  A race to 150 points.  First team to play defense is the loser.

New York Knicks-Offense 97.2 107 50 15.4 23.9 21.1
Rank 2 16 12 16 28 27
Golden State Warriors-Defense 97.6 112.4 50.5 15.3 32.1 24.1
Rank 1 28 21 16 30 15
New York Knicks-Defense 97.2 109.4 51.4 14.8 27.2 21.2
Rank 2 22 27 20 19 6
Golden State Warriors-Offense 97.6 107.8 49 15.2 26.5 25.9
Rank 1 15 19 13 16 5


What to watch for:  A barn burner.  The top two teams in pace mean this game will have plenty of scoring and very little D.  Aw, who am I kidding! Let’s face it there will be no D.  So New York needs to encourage the low efficiency, high volume scorers of Golden State to remain inefficient.  New York’s back court should play close to the Golden State players as Crawford does not look to draw contact on drives and prefers to take pull up jumpers off the dribble.  Monta Ellis was pretty good at getting to the hole last seaon, but he has not quite fully recovered his speed from the ankle injury.  He is taking more jumpers than he has in past years.  Golden State’s lack of a true pass first point could also hurt them in finding open shots.

What to watch for 2: Al Harrington.  I think Al really wants to show his former team just what they missed out on.  Al really torched Indiana in the last meeting and I think he will come out very aggressive just to get back at Nelson.  Hopefully, the shots will fall and he won’t take the team out of its offense.

What to watch for 3:  David Lee.  Golden State’s interior defense is as bad as New York’s.  But New York has a better interior player than Golden State in David Lee.   Golden State’s lack of a quality shot blocker should make things easier for Lee.  New York should look to get as many looks inside as possible.  Good ball movement is key here since GS does not rotate well.  Lee should also do well on the offensive glass since GS is not a strong rebounding team.

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