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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Monthly Archives: December 2008

Game Thread: Knicks vs. Hawks

Let me just crib from Thomas B. here…. After a very hot start, the Hawks have cooled a bit but they are still a dangerous match up for the Knicks because their offensive efficiency (109.1, 6th) and eFG% (50.8%, 7th) exploits the Knick defense. What to watch for 1: Pace. For a team with so many athletic players the Hawks don’t really push the pace (90.1 possessions per game, 25th). It will be interesting to see what the Hawks do if the Knicks push the pace. What to watch for 2: Inside the paint. The Hawks, like the Knicks, lack …continue reading

SSoM Episode 10: Blazers vs Knicks

Mike and I have decided to post the videos on KB now to foster even more discussion about games. I would’ve posted last night but the game thread was going up, so here it is on an off night. (Enjoy the new widescreen format.) Great call by the coaching staff to attack Greg Oden. High PnR gets his shot blocking ability out of the paint and he simply isn’t quick enough to recover or match up against this style in general. I’m a bit surprised at LaMarcus Aldridge’s lack of effort, though. Joel Przybilla got all of the minutes from …continue reading

Game Thread: Knicks vs. Cavaliers

Lebron part deux. Eight days ago, his appearance in New York generated reams of publicity and some controversy, along with a very solid 26 point outing in only 30 minutes of action. I have a feeling that he will look to put up some big numbers tonight to keep the hometown fans happy. Those Cleveland fans have a lot to be happy about these days. The Cavs are firmly in control of the Central division and are the second best team in basketball right now with a +11 efficiency differential. Although they play at only 23rd fastest pace in the …continue reading

Curry To Go

With the Knicks finally poised for considerable salary cap space in 2010-11, the LeBron James countdown has officially begun. More than a year and a half before it’s possible, New York is already salivating at the chance to welcome James to the fold. But it’s no foregone conclusion that The King will join the Knicks. James says championship contention is his top priority, and we should take his word for it. If that’s the case, the Knicks have a long way to go to before they can secure James. Building a championship level supporting cast will be a difficult journey. …continue reading

Knicks’ Week in Advance 12/01/08

Welcome to the third installment of “Knicks’ Week in Advance.” As always we will look at the Knicks’ Four Factors and compare them to those of their opponents. Based on each team’s stats I’ll offer suggestions for what the fans should watch for and what the Knicks should look to do that game. Before we get into the match ups, I want to say a quick word on the importance of advanced stats. I think every fan would do well to understand how they work – especially in light of the style of play the Knicks adopted this year. For …continue reading