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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Monthly Archives: December 2008

Knicks’ Week in Advance 12/15/08

Our heroes are 2-1 on the current five game road trip, none too shabby so far. Things get tougher as the road trip wraps up with the Phoenix Suns and L.A. Lakers. The rest of the week brings the Knicks home for their third game with Milwaukee (0-2), then another trip to Boston (0-1). Monday, December 15 @ Phoenix [First meeting of the teams this year.] TEAM POSS EFF eFG TO OREB% FT/FG New York Knicks-Offense 98.4 106.2 50.4 15.7 23.6 19.6 Rank 1 19 12 17 27 29 Phoenix Suns-Defense 92.4 110 49.5 13.8 28.2 22.5 Rank 12 26 …continue reading

2009 Game Thread: Knicks at Kings

Via Thomas B.’s Week in Advance… The Kings are rebuilding around Kevin Martin, John Salmons, and uh…not much else. Sacramento is one of the worst defensive team in the NBA. They are 29th in defensive efficiency (112.9), tied for last in defensive eFG% with Golden State (52.8), and they don’t do well on the defensive glass giving up 29.5% of available defensive boards (29th). Only one team does it worse – you guessed it, the Warriors again. Their leading shot blocker is Hawes (1.8 per 36 minutes). What to watch for: The Knicks should take the same approach they took …continue reading

Seven Seconds or Mess: Play of the Week 12/12/08

[The Play of the Week sponsored by Seven Seconds or Mess. Visit his site for more X’s & O’s goodness.] (Note: The gray defensive circles labeled 1-5 are position specific. A point guard is a 1, a center is a 5, etc.) I don’t think this is a set play, though it looks like one. Watch Duhon direct traffic.

Knicks Woes Are Unguarded

After a 6-4 start, the New York Knicks agreed to a pair of trades have shipped away their two top per-game scorers. Since that day, the team has dropped 8 of 11 games. One could look at that situation and say Crawford and Randolph were worth much more to this current Knick team than we thought. Certainly this agrees with the traditional wisdom: the Knicks traded 40 points per game. It seems to reason that it’s not easy to make up that much scoring. However a closer look shows that it’s not the quality of these two players, but rather …continue reading

Game Thread: Knicks vs. Nets

Always fun when the two New York area teams collide. The Nets are the surprise team so far in the NBA by most folks estimation, led by the stellar play of Devin Harris and the resurgence of Vince Carter. Should be an interesting matchup, although the Nets haven’t played since the 6th and the Knicks are going back-to-back. Here are Thomas B’s thoughts from his Week in Advance. Wednesday, December 10 @ New Jersey [First meeting of the teams this year.] The Nets are a team of contrast. New Jersey is bad on defense, and their efficiency (111.3, 27th), and …continue reading