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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Monthly Archives: November 2008

Two Games Over .500?

Stephon Marbury was the point guard with Allan Houston at the 2. Kurt Thomas and Tim Thomas were the forwards and Nazr Mohammed was in the middle. The bench players were Mike Sweetney, Anfernee Hardaway, Jerome Williams, Trevor Ariza and Moochie Norris That was the Knicks team on January 1st, 2005, when a Knick three-game winning streak came to an end with a loss to the New Jersey Nets, 93-87. The Knicks ended the night at 16-14, the last time they were two games over .500 until last night.

Odds & Ends 11/9/2008

* Don’t forget there’s a game on Sunday 11/9 at 3pm against the Jazz. Jet fans without pip may want to head to their local bar and scout out the proper location to watch both games simultaneously. * Interesting stat from the guys over at SNY’s Knicks blog… Chris Duhon 59 (TS) 52 (TOS) 5(TUS) 2(SW) 88%(PP) 71.4% (NP-un) 50% (NP-sw) Jamal Crawford 40 (TS) 4 (TOS) 10(TUS) 26(SW) 100%(PP) 80% (NP-un) 76% (NP-sw) Nate Robinson 42 (TS) 8(TOS) 26(TUS) 8(SW) 75%(PP) 88% (NP-un) 75% (NP-sw) Confused? Okay allow me to explain. Chris Duhon has been screened 59 times on …continue reading

Seven Seconds or Mess: Play of the Week 11/7/08

Hey guys, Gian here. If you’re not familiar with my work, please visit Seven Seconds or Mess. If you are familiar, enjoy the new segment. This is a podcast I’ll be posting each week exclusively on KnickerBlogger.Net. It breaks down what I consider to be the best play of each week. (Note: The gray defensive circles labeled 1-5 are position specific. A point guard is a 1, a center is a 5, etc.)

Knicks 101 Bobcats 98

The game wasn’t as close as the final score indicates. New York led the whole fourth quarter and was up by 9 with under 4 minutes to go. It didn’t start off that way. The Knicks trailed the Bobcats until Nate Robinson exploded for 24 first half points. Zach Randolph ended up with 25 points on 15 shots. Chandler had another poor shooting night (6-14 for 18 points), but handed out some Ill-Will with 3 blocks. Wilson now has 60% of the team’s blocks, which underscores the team’s need for shotblocking in the frontcourt. Meanwhile, Quentin Richardson stunk up the …continue reading

Iverson for Billups/McDyess The Denver Nuggets have agreed to a deal that would send Allen Iverson to the Pistons in exchange for Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess, sources have told TNT analyst David Aldridge. There is one sticking point to the deal, though. McDyess does not want to go to Denver, and a source close to him says “he will not put on a Nuggets uniform” and may opt to retire. Because of McDyess’s objection, the Nuggets may waive the mandatory physical each player in a trade must take in order for the league to approve any deal. McDyess may be seeking …continue reading

Weekend Thread 11/2/2008 (or Mitch Lawrence May {Insert Anything You Want Here})

Don’t forget, New York plays tonight at 6pm. So make sure you change the Giants-Cowboys game at halftime to catch the Knicks and Bucks. Some news from the local papers… The Post’s Mike Vaccaro doing his Humpty Dumpty impersonation, staying on the fence on the Marbury/D’Antoni issue. Those who chanted for Marbury had every right to do it (despite what D’Antoni might really think) because as a basketball player Marbury has never been a bust, and at 31 should still have plenty of game left in his legs. But D’Antoni has every right to purge the very essence of Marbury, …continue reading