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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Monthly Archives: November 2008

2008-9 Game Thread: Knicks vs Celtics

Stu Jackson helped give the Knicks a punter’s chance of winning tonight by suspending Kevin Garnett one game, so the All-Star Forward will miss tonight’s game. Then again, he missed two games against the Knicks last year as well, and the Knicks lost both games. In other news, apparently Gallinari may “only” need to rest two months rather than have surgery, which is good news, if true (thanks to Italian Stallion for the heads up).

Knicks Week In Advance 11/16/2008

Hello everyone. Thomas B. here, Kool-Aid in hand, to introduce a new Sunday feature. Each week, I will compare the Knicks’ against those of their opponents and provide some insight on what to watch for. The Knicks have three games this week – a home game against Washington after road games at Boston and Milwaukee. Tue, Nov 18 at Boston TEAM POSS EFF eFG TO OREB% FT/FG New York Knicks-Offense 97.2 106.4 51.4 15 21.8 18 Rank 1 14 4.5 14 27 29 Boston Celtics-Defense 92 96.6 43.4 18.2 26.5 27.1 Rank 15 2 1 3 12 22.5 New York …continue reading

2008-9 Game Thread: Knicks vs Mavericks

The Knicks face a slumping 2-7 Dallas team at home this Sunday evening. The Mavericks are on a five game losing streak and consider this a must-win. From the Star-Telegram via Mavs Moneyball: “We’ve got to get a win somehow,” Dirk Nowitzki said. “Scratch, fight, whatever it takes. It’s not pretty. We’ve got to find a way to win this game in New York. New York has got incredibly better and they’re a run-and-gun team now. We’ve got to find a way to get in there, get some stops and find a way to win the game.” New York is …continue reading

Seven Seconds or Mess: Play of the Week 11/13/08

[The Play of the Week sponsored by Seven Seconds or Mess. Visit their site for more X's & O's goodness.] Has it been a week already? Well, close enough. (Note: The gray defensive circles labeled 1-5 are position specific. A point guard is a 1, a center is a 5, etc.) As you can see, it’s not as “tricky” as last week’s play, but equally effective. This time the key isn’t in the design of the play. Instead, it’s how Chris Duhon reads Chandler’s defender.

2008-9 Game Thread: Knicks vs. Grizzlies

The Knicks are already 0-1 on their “teams that we should actually be able to beat” road trip, so let’s see if they can make it 1-1 tonight against the Grizzlies. This will be our first up-close look at the Grizzlies’ two promising rookies, Marc Gasol and OJ Mayo. The Knicks actually lost both games against Memphis last year.