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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Monthly Archives: November 2008

Knicks’ Week in Advance 11/24/2008

Hello all. Thomas B. here with the second installment of Knicks’ Week in Advance. This article appears exclusively on (everyone else-including Stern Must Go-turned me down). I will compare the Knicks’ Four Factors to those of their opponents this week. I’m glad the Knicks beat the Wizards Saturday. The win spared me from drafting an open that parodies those Time Life Books commercials from the 1980s: November 2008. The administrator of a popular blog contacts a man of limited basketball knowledge and invites him to join the staff. Shortly thereafter, the Knicks begin a losing streak that has yet …continue reading

Marbury: A Tale Of Two People

Imagine this scenario: Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni inherit the Knicks and look over the roster. Walsh decides to rebuild around the core of youngster the Knicks have and use New York’s marquee status to aim for a big free agent in 2010. At point guard Walsh has the incumbent Stephon Marbury. The key acquisition of the Isiah Thomas era, Stephon is scheduled to earn $21M in the last year of his deal. Marbury, an older overpaid guard, doesn’t fit in with the Knicks long term plans of youth & fiscal responsibility. In fact the team is looking to dump …continue reading

2008-9 Game Thread: Knicks vs Wizards

TB: [Knicks won the last meeting 114-108.] What can you say? Almost nothing is going right for Washington. The Wizards are one of the worst teams on both offense (27th) and defense (27th). They are without two of last year’s starters; Gilbert Arenas will be out until December, and Brendan Haywood may not play at all this year. Combine that with the slow start from Deshawn “You can’t see me” Stevenson, and you get arguably the worst team in the conference. What to watch for: Who is going to guard Caron Butler? Butler dropped 30 on the Knicks and pretty …continue reading

2009 Game Thread: Knicks @ Bucks

As per Thomas B.’s Week in advance: What to watch for: Second chance shots. The Bucks are the best in the league right now at offensive rebounding, and they’re second in the league on the defensive glass. The Knicks are not a strong offensive rebounding team (27th) and they are in the bottom half of the league in defensive rebounding (20th). New York nees to focus on ball movement and getting a good shot as second chances may not be there. What to watch for 2: Interior defense of the Knicks. Bogut, Jefferson, and Sessions are each adept at getting …continue reading

Show Me the $$$$$

Today’s big moves – if the Randolph report is a real deal — are all about money, specifically cap room in 2010.  Again assuming that Randolph is moving to LA in the reported trade, the Knicks can now re-sign David Lee and Nate Robinson and still have about $17 million in cap room that summer. The trades have the side benefit of making us worse in the short-term, improving our 2009 draft prospects. The roster below includes extensions for Lee and Robinson. The salaries are just educated guesses.  To find more cap room, we could renounce those two players, trade Curry or Jeffries for …continue reading