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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Monthly Archives: November 2008

One Play Counts: Jamal Crawford

This play is from the Boston game on November 18th, and as soon as it happened I had wanted to talk about it. Unfortunately by the time I got the video/screen shots together Jamal had already been traded. So with the Warriors coming into town on Sunday, I’ve decided to publish it. Knicks at Boston, 1:15 2nd quarter 11/18/2008 On this play Jamal Crawford (denoted by “J”) is guarding Ray Allen (denoted by the brown circle). Behind him in the post is Wilson Chandler (denoted by “W”) on Leon Powe. Powe comes around to set a pick on Crawford. Powe …continue reading

Knicks 96, Pistons 110 (Thoughts On the New Guys)

Tim Thomas: How soon we forget. During yesterday’s game a Piston shot missed off the rim & slowly dribbled to the sideline. Tim Thomas watched the bouncing ball and instead of securing the rebound, he allowed the Pistons to get the ball & keep the possession. The NBA’s version of Cpl. Upham he’ll just cower in the corner and watch as the other team stabs you right in the heart. Al Harrington: It’s only two games in, and I’m really not impressed. Al Harrington’s shot selection makes Jamal Crawford’s shot selection look like David Lee’s. Al Harrington’s passing ability makes …continue reading


A few Knicks-related things (and non-Knicks-related things) to be thankful for this holiday season: 1. Hope – at this moment I would put the probability of signing LeBron James in 2010 at just under 50%. So much can happen between now and then. Even if Bron Bron never signs with the Knicks, sound fiscal decision-making is an unambiguous good. If the prospect of getting him inspires this franchise to do the right thing then thanks LeBron. 2. Ill Will – The last of Zeke’s draft picks has shown substantial promise alongside some significant flaws. What I’m thankful for is that …continue reading

J C Ya

Ahhh Jamal Crawford we knew ye well. Crawford came to New York in a sign & trade with Chicago in 2004. It was one Isiah’s early moves, and I didn’t say much at the time of the trade: In Crawford, New York gets insurance for Allan Houston, and I’m guessing will be his eventual replacement. (Or else why would the Knicks sign him for so long?) Crawford isn’t nearly the shooter that Houston is, but is able to play the point as well. Back in 2004 New York’s options at shooting guard were an injured Allan Houston, Shandon Anderson, and …continue reading

Don’t Be the Fly in the Ointment

Apparently, Cuttino Mobley has failed his physical, and the Knicks are not happy. This is probably not a huge deal (as you can waive the physical requirements, as the Knicks did in both the Curry and Richardson deals), but the Knicks are irked. Keeps those fingers crossed, people!