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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Monthly Archives: October 2008

2009 Stat Page is Up!

Good news – I have the 2009 stat page up & running! There are some new improvements I’ve made this year. The first is that I’m using the same stats as Hence all per minute calculations are per 36 minutes. But also our formulas for team possessions & efficiency are the same, which means there shouldn’t be any differences between the stats on our pages. (Checking a couple by eye shows this to be true). Additionally the change in possession equations should mean that our PER should be the same as well. B-R doesn’t use team turnovers when calculating …continue reading

Heat 115 Knicks 120

[Late in the third quarter, the Knicks are up by about 20. An exchange between announcers Clyde Frazier and Gus Johnson.] Clyde: I think the crowd is stunned, Gus, by what has happened here tonight… Gus: I’m stunned. They’re playing so well. It’s almost too easy. Clyde: Yes, that word surreal… The crowd is like they’re waiting for something bad to happen… Gus: The Knicks are playing well. Watching from home, I was stunned from before the start of the game with the opening act of Q-Tip. For years “Take Me Home” by Doug E Fresh was one of the …continue reading

Prediction Time

My guess is that the Knicks won’t win more than 28 games. It’s not that I think the team hasn’t improved. I think Duhon pushing Marbury to the bench gives them depth at guard. With Duhon & Collins the Knicks have two able perimeter defenders – something they haven’t had since perhaps Sprewell & Ward. Maybe even Ward & Harper, since Latrell spent most of his time at small forward. I think replacing Curry in the starting lineup with David Lee is a considerable improvement. Lee is not only a better player, but a Lee/Randolph front court compliments D’Antoni’s coaching …continue reading

Curry on the Outside Looking in?

It might very well just be that he wants to wait until he feels Curry is fully healthy, but in any event, it certainly is not a good sign for Eddy Curry that when Mike D’Antoni was asked if Curry would play in Wednesday night’s season opener and whether he would consider Curry part of an 8-9 man rotation, D’Antoni replied “no” to both.

Knicks 2009 Season Preview Part V

Part I here. Part II here. Part III here. Part IV here. FRONTCOURT: (cont) Hailed the franchise centerpiece upon his arrival in 2005, Curry now finds himself as the odd man out in the front court. In his three years in New York, Eddy Curry’s per minute stats have stayed the same, only his minutes per game has fluctuated. During 2007 the Knick center averaged 35.2 minutes per game, about 10 minutes more than the year before and the year after, hence causing a spike in his per game stats. This has led many to believe that it was a …continue reading

Knicks 2009 Season Preview Part IV

Part I here. Part II here. Part III here. FRONTCOURT: During the summer it was assumed that both Stephon Marbury and Zach Randolph would be playing for other teams once the season started. Yet somehow both managed to stay on the New York roster. Randolph was twice mentioned in trade talks, but both times it seemed that the other party wanted too much to take his contract off New York’s hands. Unable to move Randolph, it was thought that the Knicks would play him only to keep his trade value high. But a funny thing happened on the way to …continue reading