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Friday, June 22, 2018

Monthly Archives: June 2008

Computers vs. Scouts

With 16 days left before the draft, teams are busily working out prospects, haggling with agents and breaking down game tape. Could there be an easier way? Last week we were talking about computer rating systems that purport to identify the best draft prospects, without the messy work of actually watching games, administering brain profile tests and trekking through rundown former Soviet airports.  The two systems that have garnered the most attention were designed by Erich Doerr, a David Berri disciple, and ESPN’s John Hollinger. A good summation and explanation of the systems was posted here last year: The …continue reading

Joe Cool?

I love Joe Dumars. Since the 2001-2002 season the Detroit Pistons have been a model franchise. Short of winning multiple championships, an inevitable if somewhat foolish measure of worth, Detroit has in fact been THE model for building a perennial 50-game winner and legitimate title threat in the post-Showtime, post-Jordan era. Reports indicate that Dumars is ready to break up the core of the Pistons as we know them, moving perhaps even two of the “original four” (i.e., Billups, Hamilton, Prince, and Wallace) this offseason. Dumars has taken a first step towards retooling on the fly by dismissing head coach …continue reading

Draft Measurements Are Available

caleb Said: Draft news — NBA has released official measurements and athletic testing results from the Orlando combine. On first glance I didn’t see any huge surprises. Except, Patrick Ewing, Jr. registered the highest vertical jump of anyone in the camp. (like DJ Strawberry last year). Of the top guards, Mayo, Gordon and Bayless all had great vertical jumps. (Mayo an inch higher) Gordon was very strong, outlifting most of the forwards. Mayo and Bayless did fine for their size. Gordon was almost the fastest player in camp; Bayless a step behind and Mayo was middle of the pack …continue reading

Celtics or Lakers?

So the 2008 NBA boils down to two teams: the Lakers and Celtics. Even though they represent the league’s most storied rivalry… [Read the article & choose your 2008 NBA Finals pick.]