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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Monthly Archives: June 2008

Pre-Draft Trades Ahoy!

With the draft approaching, it looks like teams are making moves. The Charlotte Bobcats acquired the #20 pick from the Nuggets. In return Denver will receive a future protected first round pick, and they also save some cap space this year (by not being forced to sign their draft pick). Similarly the Hornets traded their first round pick to Portland for cash. Grabbing the #27 pick gives the Blazers 5 picks this year, at least for now. But the biggest trade of the pre-draft (for now) was made between Toronto and Indiana. The Pacers send their All Star Center Jermaine …continue reading

How Does Marion Staying Put Affect the Draft?

As you may or may not have heard, while Shawn Marion and the Heat have not agreed to a new contract as of yet, Marion has announced that he will not opt out of the final year of his contract (I wouldn’t walk away from $17.8 million at his age, either). With Marion definitely staying put, this apparently may affect Pat Riley’s decisions regarding the draft, specifically what he does with Michael Beasley.

Computers vs. Scouts, Updated

Erich Doerr and John Hollinger have each published new analyses, looking at the 2008 draft from a purely statistical standpoint.  Doerr’s piece at DraftExpress nicely summarizes some of his previous work, for a new audience.  He’s extremely cautious. The article is not, strictly speaking, a ranking system. Doerr uses his ratings to give essentially a thumbs up/thumbs down (or at least a caution) for each of the high-profile players.  Of note: Don’t get too excited about any of the guards… don’t sleep on Mareese Speights.  Hollinger, unlike Doerr, thinks he has it nailed.  He’s also totally revamped his method since last year. …continue reading

Mocking the Knicks’ Draft Pick

With a week until the NBA draft, I thought I’d go through the mock drafts on the web and see which players the Knicks are thought to take. Additionally I took each of these players & found were other mock drafts thought they would be selected.

Most people think OJ Mayo will be gone before the Knicks draft, but …

Game 4 Should End Jordan Comparisons

Yesterday’s Game 4 of the NBA’s Finals was one for the ages. The Celtics were down by 24 points, but rallied back for a 97-91 victory. The Lakers went into the game down 2 games to 1 in a series where Boston held the home court advantage. It was a game they needed to win. With a laughable half time lead, it was a game they should have won. As odd and unbelievable as Game 4 was, this whole series has had an odd feel to it. The Celtics, who were 9 games better than their opponents, came into the …continue reading