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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Monthly Archives: May 2008

Ah… The Bittersweet Taste of Ambivalence

As you are no doubt aware by now, the Knicks have hired former Phoenix Suns head coach Mike D’Antoni to be their new head coach (4 years/$6 million per). Opinions are flying in from pundits, bloggers, fans, and onlookers. Opinions, it should come as no surprise, cover the spectrum. Some are excited. Others are disappointed. Personally, I am ambivalent about the hire. I both love it and hate it. Love. I’ve been begging the Knicks to run for quite some time. Although the current roster is missing Steve Nash the Knicks could increase their pace from a middle-of-the-pack 13th into …continue reading

NBA News and Notes for May 3rd

* Wow, the Celtics and the Hawks are heading for a Game 7! The Celtics will almost certainly win this Game 7, but the sheer fact that they are going to a Game 7 is stunning to me, and must be quite surprising/depressing for all Celtics fans (it is too bad that Simmons’ next column will be after Game 7).