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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Monthly Archives: May 2008

Pre-Orlando Mock Draft, v. 1.0: Picks 15-30

2008 NBA Mock Draft Previously I offered some thoughts on which players the lottery teams should select. Here are my thoughts on the rest of the first round. 15. Phoenix Brandon Rush, Kansas, SG Rush is an excellent jump shooter that has improved his off-the-dribble game substantially. Unlike his older brother Kareem, Brandon is a plus defender with the potential to become an excellent defender. He has great length and moves his feet well. Coming back from the knee injury in such a short time was an impressive feat. However, having suffered the injury in the first place may limit …continue reading

Pre-Orlando Mock Draft, v. 1.0: The Lottery

2008 NBA Mock Draft I’ll update the mock from time to time as the process unfolds but I wanted to get something up prior to Orlando and team workouts. This mock is less a prediction and more a record of what I would do as the GM of each team. Although I anticipate that trades will change the draft order, perhaps radically, my interest is in matching player and team. Therefore I keep the teams in their given draft order but highlight spots where I expect trades. 1. Chicago Derrick Rose, Memphis, PG Rose is the best overall prospect in …continue reading

Recent #6 Picks

With the Knicks slotted to pick 6th in this year’s draft, I was curious what kind of player the team might expect to get with that position. So I looked at the #6 picks in the last 10 drafts. I Buoni (The Good): Chris Kaman, Martell Webster, Josh Childress, Brandon Roy, Shane Battier Unfortunately there are no superstars in this group. Chris Kaman had a break out season this year, but it was “the best player on a bad team” syndrome. Roy and Webster are young pieces in Portland’s future, but neither have eye-popping stats. Battier has always been a …continue reading

Opting Out a Pipe Dream

In today’s Newsday, Alan Hahn wrote a column on how D’Antoni’s up-tempo system could help New York rid itself of a few big contracts. This theory is that a faster pace will make the players’ statistics inflated hence giving them a higher value. In order to get under the cap, the Knicks will have to move a few key contracts for ones of the same amount but less years. The prevailing thought is that the players that would hurt salary cap would be dumped for expiring contracts so that they can make a play in free agency. However Hahn brings …continue reading

NBA News and Notes for May 16th

The Spurs have forced the first Game 7 of the second round, beating the New Orleans Hornets 99-80. The home team now has won a staggering 20 out of 21 games in the second round. Last year, the home team was 13-10.

Statistical Analysis Request

So, I’m watching both of the games tonight, and in both of the games, a team has the ball down either 5 or 6 points with about half a minute left. In both instances, the announcers were stating “You don’t have to go for a three here,” and in both instances, the teams did not, in fact, go for threes. Here’s my request. From my perspective, I think it is absolutely absurd to not go for three when you’re down five-six points with thirty seconds or less left (presuming your opponent can hit free throws with some expertise – my …continue reading