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Monday, June 25, 2018

Monthly Archives: April 2008

Donnie Walsh Press Conference: Highlights & Thoughts

The Knicks just introduced Donnie Walsh as the new President of Basketball Operations, reporting directly to MSG Chairman, James Dolan. I’ll throw out some initial thoughts about the presser in bullet style. * James Dolan did a brief introduction. In it he sounded the right notes. Of course we’ve heard this before, but what left me hopeful were two things: 1) Dolan was on only long enough to introduce Walsh and step aside, and 2) he emphasized Walsh’s autonomy over all things basketball. I was pleased to see that Dolan relented on MSG’s draconian media relations policy, and was public …continue reading

It’s Official!

The Knicks will have a 1pm meeting today to announce the hiring of Donnie Walsh. The latest rumor is that Walsh will report directly to Dolan. Another rumor is that one of Walsh’s terms is that the team more media friendly, a huge departure from the recent era. The Knicks’ current policy is to not allow anyone in the organization be interviewed without a member of the P.R. department present. It’s unknown what will happen to Isiah Thomas, and you have to wonder what will happen to Steve Mills as well since Walsh isn’t reporting to him. According to at …continue reading

The Knick Are Tanking, So Let’s Get Tanked

Sorry for the lack of updates, but there seems to be little to write about. I can’t tell you how many columns I’ve started that’s ended in the waste bin. I’m not going to rehash any of the arguments I’ve made 100 times this year. I guess this team has just sucked the creativity out of me, yet again. So for the time being, I introduce the 2008 Official “The Knick Are Tanking, So Let’s Get Tanked” Drinking Game. The game is designed so that you can somehow get through the rest of the season. Drink Once: Zach Randolph takes …continue reading