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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Monthly Archives: April 2008

NBA News and Notes for April 30

Wow, a lot of big news in the NBA today! The biggest is that both Mike D’Antoni and Avery Johnson are going to be on the coaching market. This makes Donnie Walsh look pretty good for not making a coaching decision already, as it’s not every year that two former Coaches of the Year fall into your lap.

Changing the Playoff Format

If there’s one thing that stuck out in my mind when making my first round picks for ESPN’s Geek Smackdown, it’s that the East largely consisted of lopsided battles while the West had a couple of really close series. All 8 Western teams finished with a winning percentage of .600 or higher, while only 3 Eastern teams bettered that mark for the regular season. Consequently a couple of Western conference series are of second round quality such as Houston/Utah and San Antonio/Phoenix. And it doesn’t seem fair that a team like Golden State which won 48 games in the more …continue reading

Thomas Told to Stay Away

According to Fox Sports, Isiah Thomas has been “barred from having any contact with the team.” As I said earlier, even if Thomas stayed on the payroll he would have no ability to undermine the current leadership. This story seems to validate that thought. If anyone from MSG is reading this, I’d like to suggest extending Isiah’s ban to the following: Selecting any Knick for his Fantasy Basketball team Playing NBA Live as the Knicks Wearing blue or orange Playing knick knack paddywack Speaking to any Knick fans Eating anything with the ingredient ‘curry’ Contacting anyone with the last name …continue reading

2008 Playoffs: Game Ones

OK so the Spurs and Suns go double OT, the Jazz beat the hottest team in the West, and the Sixers steal game 1 from Detroit. I really only caught the Houston/Utah game on tv, and it seemed that the Rockets dug themselves a big hole and spent their energy trying to catch up. My feeling of the game was that Utah dominated the glass, but the boxscore shows Houston to have won the aggregate offensive rebound war: 18 to 13. However the Jazz shot better than 50%, while Houston didn’t crack 40%, so when you look at rebounding percentage …continue reading

Coach of the Year Needs a Do Over

Coach of the Year is my least favorite NBA award. I tend not to get terribly upset by MVP balloting, as most of the time the choice is among numerous deserving candidates. Although I am firmly in the camp that believes MVP awards by definition should go to the “Most Outstanding Player”, I cannot begrudge sports fans their impulse to “award” it to the individual they deem most important to a team’s accomplishments. In fact, the back-and-forth about ‘what is value?’ and ‘who is more important to his team?’ is actually what makes the MVP race interesting. By sharp contrast, …continue reading