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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Monthly Archives: March 2008

If True, Walsh Move a Step Forward

Although there has been no official word, a few different sources have reported that the Knicks have hired Donnie Walsh to oversee their franchise. Walsh isn’t the sexy move that Colangelo or West would have been, and his tenure in Indiana isn’t without it’s flaws. However for the Knicks in the Dolan era, playing it safe shows a marked improvement. Since Dolan took sole possession, many of the the Knicks moves have been risky get rich quick schemes. Some of the hallmark transactions include trading for Glenn Rice, Antonio Mcdyess, Stephon Marbury, Steve Francis, Eddy Curry, and Zach Randolph. If …continue reading

Walsh to the Knicks Imminent?

Donnie Walsh is officially out at Indiana and ESPN is reporting he is set to sign a three-year/$15 million dollar contract with the Knicks. I am not a huge fan of Donnie Walsh, but he should most likely be a step up on not only Thomas, but on every Knick General Manager since Ernie Grunfeld, as well. It will be interesting seeing how this all plays out. Will Isiah still have a role on the Knicks? Who will be the next coach? Will there be a new coach?

Ill Will & Growing Pains

The last few Knick games have been markedly different from the rest of the season. Unfortunately it hasn’t been the results that have changes, as New York has lost 8 of their last 9 games. The change has come in terms of the players on the court. With nothing to play for other than pride and ping pong balls, Isiah Thomas has mixed up the rotation. The most noticeable change is the emergence of first round pick Wilson Chandler. A few weeks ago when asked by the to talk about the Knicks, I made light of Chandler’s lack of …continue reading

2008 Game Thread: Hawks vs. Knicks

Time for a new thread, a new rotation, and the chance to see the Knicks without Eddy C and Q in the lineup. The Hawks should be highly motivated with a playoff spot on the line. As for the Knicks, at least they had a better week than Eliot Spitzer.

Pre-Game Odds and Ends

Again with the “Style versus Substance” on Nate? Nate Robinson had his best offensive performance of his young career on Saturday against Portland. He shot 16-28 from the floor and 13-15 FTs. He handed out 6 assists and had 5 boards. Subjectively it didn’t “feel” like he dominated the ball either, despite the 28 shots. By comparison, Richardson’s 20 shots seemed more “labor intensive” and out of the flow. Part of the difference is that Nate never had to look hard to find the mismatch; he was the mismatch. Overall, it’s difficult to criticize his offense with a straight face. …continue reading