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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Monthly Archives: February 2008

Who’s More Tradeable: Eddy or Zach?

I’m watching PTI and in Toss-Up this question comes up: “Who’s More Tradeable: Eddy or Zach?” It’s an interesting question. I’m sure some people are going to answer the question by popularity, in other words choose the guy they’d rather see gone. But I’m more interested in defining “more tradeable” as: “which one is more likely to have value to another team?” At first glance, I thought Zach Randolph might have more worth on the court. Granted he’s the worse of the pair defensively, and that’s saying a lot considering the other person is Eddy Curry. You would think there …continue reading

Knicks 99 Bucks 98 (Knicks Win With Defense?)

Tell me if you heard this before. The Knick starters begin the game and the opponent takes the lead. The bench comes in and the game is close again by halftime. The third quarter begins with the starters on the floor again, and the opponent takes a huge lead. The reserves come in and again make the game close. With about 6 minutes left in the game, Isiah puts the starters back in and the Knicks lose the game. Last night that looked to be the case. The Knicks began the game down by 6, until the reserves came in …continue reading

Is This Worse Than Any Isiah Trade?

It is now official, Shaquille O’Neal has been dumped traded to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. I think we all, more or less, agree that this is a horrible trade for the Suns, trading the better, younger player on a team with the best record in the Western Conference for an older, worse player who, as a kicker, is not just injury prone, but currently injured. What I wonder, though, is this such a bad trade that it is even worse than any Isiah trade?

Getting Some Love From the Cunninghams

Thought I’d pass this along. Got this link from Berri’s blog: A couple of months ago I suggested that if I was the Milwaukee Bucks GM, this offseason I would offer up the team’s lottery spot to the New York Knicks in exchange for PF David Lee and SF Renaldo Balkman. At the time each player was an infrequent contributor to a terrible team. Everyone thought I had finally lost all semblance of common sense. … If the Bucks had those two, along with Redd, Williams, and Bogut… whoa. They would be a different team overnight. To win you …continue reading

Answering Thomas B.’s Questions

Thomas B. Said: Maybe you and I are not looking at the same stats when it comes to Denver’s defense. Denver gives up 104 per game, that is good for 25th place in the NBA, that means only 5 teams give up more points. They only score 2.4 more points than their opponents, which is good for 10th place in the NBA. Three teams score more points per game than Denver and none of those teams allow as many points as Denver…. Mike K. (KnickerBlogger) Said: By points per possession allowed, Denver is 6th…. Thomas B. Said: So does that …continue reading