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Friday, April 27, 2018

Monthly Archives: January 2008

2008 Game Thread: Knicks at Wizards

Check out this article by Kevin Broom on the Arenas-less Wizards This season, the Wizards are indeed a bit better than they were last year — overall. The improvement is not in any of the commonly cited reasons (improved ball movement, better shot selection, more “sharing” of the ball), however. Has the team’s shot selection changed significantly? According to, this season, 68% of the team’s field goal attempts have been jumpers; 26% have been “close”; 4% dunks, and 1% tips. The numbers for last season are identical. In broad terms, the team is getting the same kinds of …continue reading

Ankle Saves Face?

The Post, along with other outlets, is reporting that Stephon Marbury is “a lock” to have surgery on a chronically fracutred bone spur in his ankle. Although MRI results were not available at the time of writing, prior X-Rays have revealed the fracture. The surgery is quite likely to end Marbury’s season. If the condition is both chronic and repetitive stress-induced it is possible, maybe even probable, that Marbury walks away from the game altogether; not unlike Allan Houston. In an odd sense, should Marbury undergo season-ending surgery, it may prove a face-saving blessing in disguise for him personally. With …continue reading

Wizards 93 Bizzaro Knicks 105

There’s something odd with me. I got off a plane, and traveling in that manner usually messes you up. Either you’re jet lagged from a time zone difference, you’re exhausted from sitting in a tin can for half the day, or American Airlines accidentally ships your luggage to a country that ends in “guay”. Even if your flight lands without a hitch, there’s always something else that could make sleeping in your own bed again a foreign feeling. It could be the three mile hike to exit the airport from the terminal, boxing out the family of 13 at the …continue reading

Okay, Who Thought He Wasn’t Making It Up?

Apparently, Marbury really is hurt, and may require surgery. That’d be a blessing in disguise for the Knicks, as presumably at least part of his salary would be paid by insurance, right? EDITED TO ADD: Reader Brendan adds something that is certainly worth pointing out: If this level of damage is sufficient to require surgery, how many active players would most teams have if they all made similar choices? I read Isiah’s “if he decides to play again” quote alongside Marbury’s “but there’s always next year” quote and wonder if the guy took a legit injury and ran with it, …continue reading

What You Can Learn At the Game

At about 4:30 Wednesday two tickets to the Knicks game fell on my lap. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances it wasn’t a good day for me to go. So I tried to unload the tickets. I sent an email to a few writers on my site, but no one was able to go. I sent a second email to a few commenters, again with no luck. I tried to call up a few friends, but to no avail. In essence I couldn’t give the tickets away. Oh how the mighty have fallen. So I had two options: let the tickets …continue reading

2008 Thread: Knicks at Bulls 1/8/2007

Here is a discussion thread, for those folks still willing to suffer through Knicks’ games. Drown your sorrows here, fellas! By the by, has anyone else noticed that the Knicks aren’t even being DISCUSSED really anymore? They’re simply used as a punchline. For other bad teams, columnists make suggestions and stuff like that – for the Knicks, it is basically, “Yeah, they’re just totally screwed.”