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Friday, December 13, 2019

Monthly Archives: January 2008

Knicks 109 Lakers 120

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr NYK 93.8 118.8 49.4% 22.2 29.8 12.0 LAL 125.1 57.7% 27.4 32.6 13.6 The first quarter was pretty much all David Lee. He didn’t enter the game until 6:48, but by the end of the quarter he had 9 points. The only shot he missed was blocked by Turiaf, but Lee recoverd and made the second. He made a nice one-handed pass to Zach Randolph who blew the shot. Randolph would later miss a dunk off a nice Lee pass in traffic, costing him two assists. Curry was in foul trouble all night, which …continue reading

What They Saying In the Mainstreamosphere From beat the Newsday beat writer: As for David Lee….I’ve often suggested to him privately that he needs to be more aggressive with his moves to the basket. David knows he’s not a top three option when he’s on the court. He’s an active rebounder, that’s his main role. I think he’s developed just fine. He had 13 boards last night. When he gets minutes, he gets rebounds. Sometimes with players you see them reach a certain point and that’s when you have to decide: is this what they are? Can they be better? I think David can be …continue reading

Knicks 104 Warriors 106

Pace (Poss) Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr NYK 94.7 (92.2) 105.1 45.9% 21.2 27.9 14.2 GSW 110.7 48.8% 26.5 31.3 14.0 Yet again the Knicks bobble, then catch up. They outscore the Warriors 59-47 in the middle two quarters, but are outscored 59-45 in the 1st & 4th quarters. The culprits: Curry & Randolph. The Knicks were -10 for the 18 minutes Eddy Curry was on the court and -12 for Zach’s 33 minutes. It really kills me that these guys played poorly, but I’m not surprised by it. Both players should have been able to score big against the …continue reading

Our New York Knickerbobblers

BOBBLE- (n.) A bad step away from the starting gate by a racehorse. Every game I watch this year feels like it is has the same pattern. The Knicks play terribly in the first quarter, then spend the next three quarters trying to recover. As they did with their 2-9 bobble to start the season, they crush my hopes right at the outset. By the start of the second a deep sense of nausea has usually set in, compounded by feelings of guilt and shame as I check to see if Jose Calderon, Andrew Bynum, or the Blazers are available …continue reading

The Poison of 20 and 10

Nothing I am about to say here is all that new, but I keep seeing comments that seem to belie this point, so I figured it would be worthwhile to bring it up. The focal point of this piece is why the Knicks are better off dumping Zach Randolph as soon as possible, even if it means trading him for players who are not nearly as talented as him (and why I would even consider it if the offer was Kenyon Martin, who is signed long-term to an awful contract, and has had surgery on BOTH of his legs). The …continue reading