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Friday, December 13, 2019

Monthly Archives: December 2007

Marbury in ’08!

There was discussion earlier today about whether Marbury would return to the Knicks this season. Coach Isiah Thomas even remarked that he did not know if Marbury would return. According to a report, though, Marbury will return to the Knicks some time after the beginning of the new year. Is this good news, though? I think so, at least if he comes back in game shape. I am not a big fan of Marbury, but goodness, the Knicks options at guard are pretty flimsy at this point in time, so I think Marbury is still an upgrade. I would especially …continue reading

NBA Less Prone to a Steroid Scandal

When I was a young boy I received a copy of the Baseball Encyclopedia for my birthday. This was in the days before the internet, when if you wanted to find out the answer to a question you would need the appropriate book in hand. if you had a book report on space instead of using wikipedia, you needed to have the 30 or so volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica. Instead of google, your parents had to know the answer to all of life’s questions (or at least pretend to). I was a baseball fan for as long as I could …continue reading

The (Fourth) Winter of Our Discontent

On December 20th, 2003, a bad New York Knicks team defeated an even worse Atlanta Hawks team, 103-92. The starters for the Knicks in that game were Allan Houston, Antonio McDyess, Keith Van Horn, Dikembe Mutombo and Howard Eisley (do note that 3/5th of the starting five are no longer in the league, and a fourth is so old that he used to babysit Julio Franco). The reserves were Kurt Thomas, Charlie Ward, Frank Williams, Shandon Anderson and Michael Doleac (3/5th of THEM are ALSO out of the league now, with Doleac hanging on by a thread). Two days later, …continue reading

Might As Well Get This Out While The David Lee Lovefest Continues

For the people that think Lee can’t survive in the half court: Did you see yesterday’s game? I’ve noticed that David “General” Lee (thanks DRED) has been playing really well on offense, especially with the ball in his hands. He likes to get it 10 feet from the hoop, and in the past he’d just try to drive baseline & use his finishing skills to score. But recently he’s added a little jumper that he works from that same spot. He didn’t hit it yesterday (I only remember him attempting it once), but the General has hit that shot this …continue reading

Rally To Fire Isiah 11am Today (Wed 12/19/2007) It seems a local man has created a large pink slip to present to the Garden front office asking to fire Isiah Thomas. It’s going on today at 11am. If anyone goes, please comment here. Also if you take any pictures, email them to me, and I’ll publish them here. UPDATE: Pictures can be seen here: