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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Monthly Archives: October 2007

Lee Injures Curry to Get More Playing Time

According to the NY Times, Eddy Curry suffered a shoulder injury in practice. Supposedly he has full range of motion, but there is pain. Curry will miss the first preseason game, but more interestingly the injury was caused by David Lee. It seems that Lee is actually fighting for more playing time. More from the article: With Curry out, the Knicks are suddenly thin at center. Jerome James has had a sore left knee throughout training camp and will probably be in street clothes Monday. Coach Isiah Thomas could slide Randolph to center (and use Lee at power forward), or …continue reading

$11.6M Part III: Why this Means the Knicks Will Continue to Stink

If you haven’t check out Part I and Part II. In Part II I made a case for how the Anucha Brown Sauders verdict (as well as the handling of Don Chaney’s dismissal) illustrates a fatal flaw–contempt–in Thomas’ decision making style. My point is simply that contempt (a callous disregard for others) is not simply unethical behavior; rather, it is also strongly associated with specific types of poor decisions that continue to haunt this team. Contempt diminishes the ability to recognize mistakes and learn from them. In moments of complete and total privacy I often wonder if Isiah Thomas recognizes …continue reading

$11.6M Part II: What This Means for the Franchise

As you no doubt are aware, a jury has sided with former Knicks executive Anucha Brown Saunders and found the New York Knickerbockers and the Madison Square Garden organization guilty of sexual harassment (perpetrated primarily by Knicks team president Isiah Thomas). The Knicks and MSG were also held liable for creating a hostile work environment and for retaliating against Mrs. Brown Saunders when she protested her treatment. The jury of four women and three men awarded Mrs. Brown Saunders $11.6 million in damages, with a further award for back and present pay (for wrongful termination) pending. The jury declared a …continue reading


Folks, I’ve spent the last 2 days trying to find how I feel about the verdict. I’ve probably written about 2,000 words, and deleted 1,900 of them. Today I spent about 15 minutes being interviewed by a local newspaper, and what appears in print doesn’t really capture what I feel. I’m sure I said each one of the words, but they seem to be out of context and don’t represent my feelings. Since not saying anything on this blog seems to put me in the same league as Joseph Goebbels I guess I have to publish something, whether I like …continue reading

Henry Abbott on Steph Marbury Here’s a snippet: My best guess is that Stephon Marbury never really got a chance to grow up properly. Like a lot of athletes, he was certainly undereducated. Given his active mind, he probably would have done well to have gone through some phases unnoticed on some college campus somewhere. Instead he went from star treatment at high school in Coney Island to star treatment at Georgia Tech for a year to star treatment in the NBA. The spotlight and its multi-faceted demands were always on him, and he never really got to try on different personalities for size. …continue reading