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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Monthly Archives: October 2007

2008 Season Preview: The Backcourt & Swingmen

The Backcourt Statistically Stephon Marbury still remains above average offensively, but he’s not nearly as productive as he used to be. The Knicks PG still is effective with his incursions to the basket, and at the latter stages of his career he’s become a better shooter. However to the eye Marbury doesn’t appear to be comfortable in Isiah’s offense. Gone are his pick & roll plays and his domination of the ball. Marbury has problems making entry passes to the low post, which is a problem considering that’s where the Knicks will look to score. On the other hand Jamal …continue reading

2008 Season Preview: The Frontcourt

The Frontcourt This year the New York offense will center around their big men. Last year Eddy Curry shot efficiently, and was a good rebounder on the offensive end. But he struggled to find his teammates when double teamed and turned the ball over too frequently. It’s possible that Curry was overused on offense, and was force fed the ball more than he was comfortable with. This year Zach Randolph should be able to take some of the scoring burden off of Curry. Randolph and Curry’s games overlap in many of the same areas. Both can score in the low …continue reading

Knicks Waive Jordan, Nichols, and Russell

The Jerome James fanclub has rejoiced! NEW YORK, October 25, 2007 ? New York Knickerbockers President of Basketball Operations and Head Coach Isiah Thomas announced today that guards Jared Jordan, Demetris Nichols and Walker Russell, Jr. have been waived. Jordan 6-2, 190-pounds, averaged 4.5 minutes in six preseason games, Nichols, 6-8, 215-pounds, averaged 7.8 minutes in five preseason games and Russell, 6-0, 170-pounds, averaged 5.0 minutes in three preseason games. The preseason roster now stands at 15.

What COULD You Get For Curry?

Okay, yes, I know, I know, Isiah Thomas would never in a gazillion years trade Eddy Curry, as too much of Isiah’s identity in New York is wrapped around acquiring Eddy Curry. The Suns could call and say, “We want to become a post-up team, we’ll give you Shawn Marion for Curry,” and Isiah would likely counter, “Only if you toss in Amare.” But if you’ve been following the pre-season, you can just tell – the Knicks just plain ol’ look much better when Curry is not on the floor, as was the case once again in tonight’s 103-90 victory …continue reading

Wanted: Your Fantasy Sleepers

Folks, I’ve just agreed to join a private fantasy league on short notice that was short a guy. The draft is Friday night and I don’t have much time to assemble a sleeper list. So I’m looking for your help. I’m looking for * Players that are going to see a big jump in minutes this year due to trades, injuries, etc. * Youngsters (23 or less) that might just turn the corner. * Players undervalued by the default Yahoo pre-draft rankings. I’ve got a couple, but I won’t publish them until after the draft (in case some of my …continue reading

2007 Preseason Game 5

Don’t have time for a full write up. Just some quick hits: It was almost another one of those games. Boston started off on a 7-0 run, but I have to give credit to the Knick starters. They held in there & took a first quarter lead. Lee & Robinson also saw time with the first unit (for Curry & Crawford). At that point, that’s just about what a statistician might make the lineup (Marbury, Robinson, Richardson, Lee, Randolph). I actually liked the second quarter team. Nate, Marbury, Jeffries, Lee, Rose. Robinson ran the point, and did a great job. …continue reading