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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Monthly Archives: August 2007

A Return of Reggie?

Danny Ainge has apparently confirmed speculation that he has approached noted Knick-killer Reggie Miller to come out of retirement at the age of 42 to join the Boston Celtics. This is rather…strange news, to be kind. Miller was still an effective player when he last played, two years ago, for the Pacers. However, he couldn’t play a lick of defense by that point in his career, so it’s a wonder how poor of a defender he is now, over two years since he last laced up his sneakers in the league. However, from the Celtics’ standpoint, it makes sense only …continue reading

I Liked It Better When It Was Just Marbury…

recklessly driving to the basket. Instead, Randolph Morris got picked up yesterday for reckless driving down in Kentucky. Luckily, he was under the legal alcohol limit in Kentucky, so it’s not a big deal, but I thought it was interesting enough to note.

Knicks 2007 Report Card (A to Z): Stephon Marbury

KnickerBlogger: When Marbury first arrived in New York, the Knicks’ offense centered around his pick & roll game. Stephon was never a top flight offensive talent, but was consistently good, a near All Star. However in 2006 Larry Brown insisted on stamping his brand of basketball on the offense and curtailed Marbury’s game. The Knick guard had career lows in assists and points (per 40 minutes), even lower than his rookie year as a 19 year old neophyte. Consequently Mabury’s PER dropped from a steady 20/21 to a pedestrian 16.5. Surely it seemed that Marbury’s decline in production was caused …continue reading

Where would you rank Steve Nash among the NBA’s best players?

So I was discussing the Garnett trade with a friend, and part of the discussion was how KG coming to the East helps change the dynamics a bit of the Top NBA players, most of whom play out West. So we did a quick run through of who we thought WERE the top NBA players, and we differed dramatically over Steve Nash. I happen to think Nash is awesome, one of the best players in the league – but I wouldn’t go as far as to say he’s one of the top five players in the league, which was what …continue reading