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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Monthly Archives: August 2007

Who on the Knicks WOULD you trade for Kobe Bryant?

I figure you folks really enjoy the topic, so let’s at least try to get it into its own entry, rather than hijacking poor Nate Robinson. Would you trade David Lee, Zach Randolph and Renaldo Balkman for Kobe Bryant and spare parts? Would you trade Lee and Balkman for Kobe? Would you trade Randolph and Balkman? Who WOULD you be willing to trade to the Lakers for Kobe Bryant? Who would the LAKERS be willing to take on the Knicks for Kobe Bryant (probably no one, but that is neither here nor there, as clearly the public relations value of …continue reading

Bill Walton on the Taste of Foot

It’s nearing halftime of the United States/Uruguay game, and the US is running Uruguay off the court. Lebron James just made a spectacular dunk on a Uruguayan player, and John Saunders says “Uh oh” as Lebron comes to dunk on the guy. A few seconds later, Saunders expresses that his statement, “Uh oh” must be what the Uruguyan players are feeling, and then that leads to Bill Walton making the greatest segue ever, “And that is what the good people of New Orleans were saying two years ago today when Katrina first hit their shores.” WOW. Saunders seems a bit …continue reading

Knicks 2007 Report Card (A to Z): Nate Robinson

KnickerBlogger: New Yorkers absolutely loved Nate Robinson when he first came to the Knicks. Coming out of the University of Washington, Robinson was a lilliputian guard with colossal physical abilities. Last year Robinson did what you’d expect from an undersized shooting guard. He led all Knick guards in eFG% (51.3%) and 3P% (39.0%) and showed despite his short stature he could get to the line (TS% 55.2%, second among Knick guards). Due to his efficient scoring ability, Robinson was second on the team in points per 40 minutes (19.0 pts/40) only behind Eddy Curry. Not just a one dimensional scorer, …continue reading

Has the United States Made the Adjustment?

Yesterday, the United States brought their record in the FIBA Americas Championships to 3-0 with a 50 point throttling of Canada, 113-63. Through the first three games, the US is averaging a winning margin of 52 points per game. While these early opponents aren’t all that impressive, the dominance of the victories IS, and it is a very good sign for the return of United States competitiveness in international play. And really, it seems to be a simple solution to their past problems – the US seems to have actually taken the situation SERIOUSLY for the first time in some …continue reading

Knicks 2007 Report Card (A to Z): Quentin Richardson

KnickerBlogger: By the numbers, Quentin Richardson’s 2007 season wasn’t all that bad, especially when compared to his 2006 season. Richardson’s rebirth seems to be based on two stats: his rebounding and shooting percentages. Richardson posted the highest per-minute rebounding average of his career (8.7 REB/40), solely due to an increase in his defensive rebounds (7.1 DREB/40). This made him the Knicks third best rebounder last year, which is impressive for a 6-6 swingman. Additionally Richardson had his best shooting season as well. His eFG (50.7%) and TS% (53.2%) were the highest of his career, and his three point percentage (37.6%) …continue reading

Who Would You Trade for Ron Artest?

With all the rumors circulating around Ron Artest possibly being traded to the Knicks, the gang here at KnickerBlogger decided to try to figure out who we would trade for Artest if we were, in fact, forced to do so. Pick out which offer you think is the best (on the grounds of being good for the Knicks and still being acceptable for the Kings)! Or share your own suggestion (Here is ESPN’s handy dandy Trade Machine, for you to see if your trade fits in with the NBA’s various salary cap rules)!! {democracy:14} Brian Cronin – I would be …continue reading

Knicks 2007 Report Card (A to Z): Randolph Morris

KnickerBlogger: Signed by the Knicks in a draft loophole, Randolph Morris became the first person to play in the NCAA tournament and the NBA season in the same week. Morris played for the Knicks in 5 games totaling 44 minutes. That’s 4 less minutes than a single NBA game. KnickerBlogger’s Grade: Incomplete 2008 Outlook: From what I saw in Las Vegas, Randolph Morris seems to be a solid, but unspectacular player. It’s harder to judge centers in summer league, because as Dave Berri puts it, there’s a short supply of tall players. On offense Morris showed that he was able …continue reading