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Friday, December 13, 2019

Monthly Archives: May 2007

I Was a Witness… to a Palace Coup

I believe that it is extremely rare to be able to truthfully claim that a single player, for all practical purposes, won or lost a game. Thursday night was one of those rare occasions. Lebron was scintillating in game five by any measure, but when compared to his teammates his performance was truly unbelievable. Listen to these lines. No, really. Read them out loud and just let them marinate for a moment. Pavlovic 2-10 in 42 minutes, Gooden 3-10 in 28, Hughes 2-3 in 29:15, and Gibson 2-7 in 30:25. There were lengthy stretches of the 4th quarter and the …continue reading

The Dream of Kobe

Well, Kobe Bryant has (rather oddly, really – I get complaining about the management, but demanding a trade? Really, Kobe? Really?) demanded a trade from the LA Lakers, thereby possibly turning this NBA offseason COMPLETELY upside down. So the question is – what NBA team has the best chance at getting him? And do the Knicks have a shot?

Knicks 2007 Report Card (A to Z): Renaldo Balkman

With the Knicks 2007 season in the books, we will evaluate one player every Monday. KnickerBlogger: Renaldo Balkman’s arrival in New York wasn’t without it’s controversy. Press and fans alike roasted Isiah Thomas over the pick, who added fuel to the fire with comparisons to Dennis Rodman. But slowly, the Staten Island native began to win Knick fans over. Balkman’s first breakout game was Nov 15th against the Wizards, in which he had 18 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocks. After that game, a KB commenter said “Balkman probably won?t score this well very often, but his defense and rebounding …continue reading

Check this stat out…

Even though he missed the last, what, month and a half, of last season, Jamal Crawford still ended up ranked third in the league over the past four seasons (thanks, Jon!) in “game-winning” field goal attempts , defined by 82games by as shot attempts in the last 24 seconds that can tie a game or put a team ahead (the shooting team is tied or behind by one or two points) (Hollinger printed the list in his latest Insider Column)!!! I know it SEEMED like he was always taking possible game-winning shots, but I was still taken aback to see …continue reading

Reconstructing the Draft

In the last post I argued that the NBA draft is not broken, despite recent complaints about the manner in which it gives bad teams incentive to tank and the manner in which it does not always distribute talent evenly according to record. In fact, in the lottery system there must a tradeoff whereby these opposing flaws are balanced against eachother. Most would agree that it is not acceptable to let tanking run rampant by assigning draft order strictly by record, or to disregard team needs by assigning draft order completely randomly. The trick is to find the best happy …continue reading

Is the NBA Draft Broken?

With the dust of the 2007 NBA lottery beginning to settle, two lines of complaint are fresh in the media and fans? collective consciousness: 1. Something is wrong with the draft because it encourages tanking. 2. Something is wrong with the draft because the top picks do not always go to the worst teams. The implicit irony in the whole situation is that these flaws are not independent. At one end of the extreme, we can imagine a system that completely eliminates worries about (2) by assigning draft order strictly by record. But this system maximizes worries about (1) because …continue reading

On Cloud Nine

The lottery has passed, and it really could not have gone much better for the Knicks fans than what transpired Tuesday night…