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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Monthly Archives: April 2007

Crawford Out for the Season

You already know about that Crawford, but did you know about this one? David Stern suspended referee Joey Crawford indefinitely today following Crawford’s ejection of Tim Duncan in Sunday’s Spurs/Mavs matchup on national TV. According to the story, Stern said: “Especially in light of similar prior acts by this official, a significant suspension is warranted,” Stern said in a statement. “Although Joey is consistently rated as one of our top referees, he must be held accountable for his actions on the floor, and we will have further discussions with him following the season to be sure he understands his …continue reading

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I’m thinking about driving up to Charlotte on Wednesday to catch the Knicks final game against Bob’s Cats. I just haven’t made up my mind. Can anyone give me one good reason I should go?

Just to Make Matters Worse…

As of right this second, the Knicks are tied for the 8th spot in the NBA lottery (ties are broken with coin tosses) with Sacramento. They are a half game ahead of Charlotte (currently 7th) and a game behind Philadelphia (10th). The Knicks’ remaining games: At New Jersey At Toronto New Jersey At Charlotte You have to figure, with the current unit they’ve got playing (no Marbury, no Lee, no Q, no Balkman and no Crawford), they shouldn’t expect to win more than one of the last four. It ultimately does not matter to the Knicks WHERE they end up …continue reading

Knicks 35 Bulls 117

Random Notes & Thoughts: * I’ve come up with a new game to play during Knick games, I call it the Jared Jeffries game. Anytime an announcer says Jeffries stats, add the words “a career high” after it. It works well when they say things like “Jeffries has 5 points on the night” or “That’s Jeffries 3rd rebound.” It helps take the pain away when Jeffries misses from inside the paint. * The Knicks normally have been good in third quarters, which had us guessing what Isiah does at halftimes. So far the most prevalent notion is “live cock fights.” …continue reading

Ths Ship Be Sinkin’

Mar 6 vs Seattle L 99-100 Marbury 40/Richardson 9/Richardson 5 Mar 10 at Washington W 90-89 Francis 26/Curry 9/Marbury 5 Mar 14 at Toronto L 94-104 Marbury 31/Curry 6/Marbury 9 Mar 16 vs New Orl/OKC L 90-92 Francis 21/Frye 7/Francis 10 Mar 18 vs Toronto W 92-74 Marbury 21/Balkman 12/Marbury 9 Mar 20 vs Dallas L 77-92 Curry 22/Curry 12/Marbury 5 Mar 22 vs Portland L 86-92 Robinson 31/Francis 10/Marbury 6 Mar 23 at Cleveland L 68-90 Curry 27/Curry 9/Marbury 4 Mar 26 vs Orlando L 89-94 Marbury 32/Frye 7/Marbury 4 Mar 28 vs Cleveland W 97-93 Curry 25/Robinson 7/Marbury …continue reading

Is Marbury a Loser?

Stephon Marbury has the skills, stats, and salary of a star. Nonetheless, he is perceived by many to be a loser. This greater perception of Marbury-As-Loser is likely formed in part by a constellation of subsidiary perceptions, such as the perception that Marbury is selfish (especially if you are a point guard purist), the perception that he has a poor attitude (especially if you consider wearing a towel on one’s head to be an indicator of poor attitude), and the perception that he is a poor teammate (especially if you’re into the tabloids). Probably the biggest factor in his losing …continue reading

Would you have kept Rose and Taylor’s contracts?

One of the more irritating things this season reading John Hollinger has been his consistent (not constant, as he has only brought it up a few times, but he has done so consistently – the same talking points) harping on the Knicks paying off of Jalen Rose and Maurice Taylor, which kept the Knicks from using their salaries in a similar way to the way they used Antonio Davis and Anfernee Hardaway last year, to trade to teams trying to clear salary cap room (a move that was pretty clearly done by the owner as an attempt to keep Isiah …continue reading