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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Monthly Archives: March 2007

Tournament Open Thread – Weekend 1

Discuss the NCAA and NIT post-season tournaments on this thread. We will open a new thread next Thursday for the following weekend’s games and so on. Enjoy, but this isn’t all fun and games. We, the Knickerblogger staff, want to put you armchair scouts to work. Keep your clipboards handy as you watch the games and post reports on players you think might help the Knicks on draft day. Pay special attention to players likely to come off the board anywhere from the late lottery area on down. Here’s the schedule of opening weekend games (all times EDT). Click on …continue reading

Using Sarcasm, Here’s Some Great News

David Lee out for at least a few more weeks. Again, kudos to Dave Crockett for rightly saying at the time, “This is a lot more serious than they’re acting if it is what they say it is,” which at least made me brace myself at the time for missing Lee for a lot of games. It is never good, though, when your players think they were mishandled by the team trainers, which Lee seems to believe, thinking that he was asked to train too soon, not giving his leg time enough to heal. This isn’t helping, not with this …continue reading

Henry Abbott & The Art of Automobile Maintenance

I love sport lists. Get 10 NBA fans together and ask them who the 10 best NBA players of all time are, and you’re likely to get 10 different lists. Even getting a consensus on the best NBA player of all time proves to be difficult. Many will point to Russell’s rings, and just as many will claim Wilt was a man among boys. Some might say Jordan was clutch, while others might argue the “Big O” was the most versatile. Lists tend to reveal a lot about the person making the list. You may have Russell at the top …continue reading

“Evident Progress,” Evidently

Several media outlets are reporting that would-be bluesman and team owner James Dolan is set to announce that Isiah Thomas will return as coach and all around Grand Poobah of the New York Knickerbockers. The announcement is expected to include a multi-year contract extension. Dolan had previously said that he would not discuss Thomas’ fate until after the season, giving the impression that his fate was tied to whether the Knicks make the playoffs. However, with the team currently holding the eighth-and-final playoff spot in the East, Dolan apparently feels that the the team has achieved the “evident progress” he …continue reading

Making the Jaws of Defeat Go Hungry

Wow, rarely do you see a more bizarre comeback than that, not because of any sort of “wacky” play or anything like that, but more because of the way that most comebacks involve the team making the comeback actually playing WELL down the stretch, and that really wasn’t what we saw during the end of this game, really – right up until Steve Francis nailed the game-winning three (and that shot was freakin’ TOUGH – that was no open shot right there), it was more a matter of both teams just playing poorly enough to keep the other one in …continue reading

Will The Knicks Dribble Right Into the Trap?

Tonight the Knicks have a chance to springboard into the 8th playoff seed in the east. The Knicks take on the Seattle Sonics at home while the Nets, who currently sit one-half game in front of them for the 8th seed, must travel to the lions’ den in Dallas. To make matters worse for the Nets, their loss this weekend to an improved 76ers team was dispiriting to say the least. Unfortunately the Knicks have been here before, and more often than not the moment has been too big. The Knicks have played some of their worst basketball in such …continue reading

Half Price Knick Tickets?

I occasionally get stuff in my mailbox about Knick promotions. Usually I can smell from a mile away whether or not they are spam. This one, from a few folks at, looks legit. In addition to half price off Knick tickets for certain seats at select games, they gave me a handful of links to video sites. I watched the youtube version and it’s highlight/clips of the current season. Much like you’d see on MSG. Here’s the body of their email: 50% Off Knicks Tickets – code MARBURY Use promo code MARBURY at for 50% off $60 and …continue reading