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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Monthly Archives: March 2007

Cavs 93 Knicks 97

Again quick notes. * I’d like to write a program so that when I hit a key combination (CTRL-ALT-F1, for example) it spits out the sentence: “I?ve said it before and I?ll say it again, the Knicks need to work on their last second plays.” This is the lineup Isiah had in for the final shot: Marbury, Jeffries, Rose, Frye, Curry. And Isiah subbed in Jeffries specifically for that play. Why put in a defensive specialist with a career PPG of 6.1 for the last play when you have the ball? In fact, why have two of them (Rose)? Again …continue reading

Orlando 94 New York 89

Quick notes: * When Curry had that “and 1” with 2:00 left he actually got emotional and let you a loud yell. While I like seeing an emotion out of Curry that isn’t that sulking/whiney look when he doesn’t get a foul call or any penetrator makes him look bad (was that Dooling or Nelson that made a layup running into his chest?), I’m not too happy with the timing of it. At the time I looked at my roommate and said something to the effect of: “You know what I hate about these Knicks? Everytime they make a shot …continue reading

NCAA Tournament Open Thread

My apologies for not getting an NCAA thread up earlier. Even though I have been mostly in and out of this weekend’s games I have seen any number of players that might look good in orange and blue. As the tournament draws to a close it leads to the inevitable questions about who will stay and who will declare. Oden and Durant are the most obvious. But consider players that might be mid-to-late lottery picks or lower based on workouts yet would add tremendous depth to this draft, like Joachim Noah and Al Horford at Florida, Brandon Wright and Tyler …continue reading

My Offer For KG

Coming home from work yesterday, I thought I had my night planned. I had some painting I needed to do, which I would finish by 7:30. At that point I would kick back a few beers, order some dinner, and give my full attention to the Knicks-Mavericks game. Of course my best laid plans were thwarted by two foes. The first being my wife who had the “we need to get out of the house look on her face.” Her request was understandable. The weekend storm had brought a handful of weary traveling friends and family to our house. For …continue reading

Knicks 92 Raptors 74

Here I was all ready to sit and scout the Knicks. I had a good time slot on my PVR (PC used as a TIVO) and set the game up to tape. I had a good idea of a study I wanted to do concerning Eddy Curry (which I’ll save for another day). And I actually had some free time, something that’s rarer than all of the above. Unfortunately for me, Eddy Curry failed to co-operate with the deal. Easy Eddy decided to put in a half day’s work, which I can only assume he did in order to catch …continue reading