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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Monthly Archives: February 2007

Knicks 107 Lakers 106

At the risk of over-selling this road victory I was most impressed by two things the Knicks did well. 1. The Knicks limited their turnovers. I recently remarked to a friend, “if the Knicks aren’t going to play any defense the least they can do is force the opposition to play some.” On the season the Knicks manage to fritter away almost 19% of their possessions. We saw the clearest implications of this team’s “butterfingers complex” at Utah. Twenty-two turnovers allowed a team that NY had otherwise outplayed most of the night to hang around until their most explosive scorer …continue reading

Hail, Hail The Gang’s All Here

Well, if not today, then certainly by Tuesday in Los Angeles. That is when Steve Francis is due to rejoin the Knicks as the new backup point guard. Things should get interesting. Francis was quoted in the Daily News as saying, “What we’re doing right now, I don’t think it would be right for anybody to try to break the camaraderie and the way we’re playing as a team,” Francis said. “Even without me, we’re playing great basketball.” I dunno about “great basketball,” but it certainly is nice to see Francis (at least publically) say all the right things about …continue reading

Hollinger: Trade Frye… But for Whom?

In Hollinger’s latest piece at the NY Sun he lays out New York’s four major needs for at the deadline. They are (in order of appearance): 1. a true point guard (rather than four short wing players), 2. a decent long range shooter, 3. a (man-to-man) defensive stopper on the wing, and 4. a defensive-oriented power forward. To be fair, Hollinger is up front about the fact that he’s ignoring, for the sake of argument, some practical realities; namely that Dolan’s checkbook may now be locked in an Isiah-proof vault, and that Isiah himself may be unwilling to part with …continue reading

Rotation Rotating

The Knicks’ bizarre mixture of talent will be taking on an even more bizarre turn over the next couple of weeks, as Isiah Thomas announced yesterday that he will not only be keeping Jerome James (who appeared as though he was starting to specifically counter against Dwight Howard and Tony Battie) in the starting lineup, but that he is also planning on Steve Francis returning to the Knicks’ rotation as the backup point guard. Neither move fills me with much enthusiasm, as James’ minutes, while designed to turn Channing Frye into a scorer off the bench and take Frye away …continue reading

Curry No All-Star

Newsday is citing sources “with knowledge of the situation” that say Knick center Eddy Curry will not be among those named to the All-Star team. Curry, currently averaging 19ppg and 7rpg, is enjoying his best season. Orlando center Dwight Howard, averaging 17 and 12, appears a more likely candidate to back up starter Shaquille O’Neal. Personally, I think Curry makes a decent case for All-Star consideration but the team’s poor record and his own notoriously poor defense are factors likely to count against him. *** Newsday and the Post are reporting that David Lee has been named to the sophomore …continue reading