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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Monthly Archives: January 2007

The Knicks’ Defensive Stopper Dilemma

Originally I was going to write an article about David Lee’s minutes, or lack thereof. Even though Brian Cronin is the president of the “Free David Lee” club, I’m a card carrying member. This seemed like an especially good idea after Lee’s last game. The forward scored 20 points and led the Knicks in minutes, defensive rebounds, offensive rebounds, and free throws. Unfortunately Lee was given the playing time not due to his wonderful production, but because of the foul trouble of the Knicks frontcourt. Frye only managed to stay on the court for 10 minutes before earning his 6th …continue reading

Memo to Isiah: YOU Drafted David Lee

To: Isiah Thomas From: Brian Cronin Re: David Lee’s success Isiah, it has come to my attention that perhaps you do not realize that it was you, in fact, who drafted David Lee with the 29th pick in the 2005 NBA Draft. You traded a good center to acquire the draft pick, and you made a very nice pick, choosing a player that 26 other teams turned down, while Lee is not a better player than the majority of those 26 other players (28 if we count your picks as well). You did a good job. Last year, Larry Brown …continue reading

The Fifth Man

One of my favorite movies of all-time is Carol Reed’s The Third Man, where the film’s protagonist searches for the mysterious “third man” who was seen with a friend of his when his friend died. I am reminded of this today, when I consider our search for the Fifth Man…the fifth guy who we think should close out the end of Knick games. The other four are fairly easy…Marbury and Curry are the “stars”, they need to be out there. Jamal Crawford is the Knicks’ “closer” (whether that is a good idea or not, he has come through in the …continue reading

Free David Lee?

Mike Lupica must have hit his head before he wrote this week’s column, because he had a good point in the beginning of the column, where he points out that David Lee is eighth in the NBA in rebounds per game, while playing the fewest minutes out of all the eight. Kevin Garnett MIN 39.0 12.6 Dwight Howard ORL 36.0 12.6 Marcus Camby DEN 32.5 12.1 Carlos Boozer UTA 37.0 11.8 Tyson Chandler NOK 32.7 11.3 Emeka Okafor CHA 35.5 11.0 Jermaine O’Neal IND 35.8 10.5 David Lee NY 30.0 10.4 And in the Knicks’ last loss, Lee barely played …continue reading

Stat Happy

This year at the CourtsideTimes.Net we’ve been concentrating on the news content, as opposed to original articles. That’s because typically a statistical piece takes longer to write than your average article, and most of the people involved in CTN have their own blogs/lives to worry about. Nonetheless this week we’re having a bevvy of articles. Gabe Farkas weighs in on the effect the new ball had on the league, while Kevin Pelton looks at how a midseason coaching swap has changed the Memphis Grizzlies. If that’s not enough to tickle your number lovin’ noggin, then later on in the week …continue reading

Treading Water

I think, going to the West, 2-3 seemed like a realistic expectation, although 3-2 was clearly the hope. Basically, the Knicks are a pretty bad team, which means they should be able to beat bad teams (Seattle and Portland), lose to good teams (Clippers and Suns) and toss ups against other pretty bad teams (Sacramento). However, 2-3 also brings the Knicks to only a game out of first place, which is basically the same place they were when they left on the trip. Treading water, but at least they are not drowning!! Meanwhile, Steve Francis’ time as a Knick appears …continue reading