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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Monthly Archives: January 2007

Knicks-Lakers Pre-Game Bonanza

Kobe Bryant is suspended for tonight’s game. Kobe Bryant was suspended one game without pay by the NBA on Tuesday for striking San Antonio’s Manu Ginobili in the face. With his Los Angeles Lakers in New York to play the Knicks, Bryant requested an “immediate hearing” with the league office to appeal the suspension. But his request was denied because it would have deviated from standard procedure, and Bryant was still slated to miss the game Tuesday night. Kurt from FB&G does a good write up of the game. Things to look for. If the Lakers are going …continue reading

All Star “Snubs” – An Exercise in Intellectual Laziness

With the starters being named, and the reserves all set to be named Thursday, there has been a lot of discussion (as there is every year) about who should make the team, and when the rosters are announced, you will of course hear about players being “snubbed.” The problem is that, with the notable exception of a few journalists (Hollinger, for one, does a very nice job in this area), they never acknowledge the fact that to be “snubbed,” someone must have been picked over you that you deserved a spot over. Instead, they just pick the most prominent player …continue reading

Take That Heat!

Jamal was incredible against the Heat; the rim must have looked like a hoola hoop. The most impressive aspect of his performance is that he opened up his entire arsenal. He shot well from 3pt. range but took them mostly in the flow of the offense. He used his bounce to attack high percentage areas of the floor, keeping defenders off-balance. But then he also ran tight off screens and ran the floor. When Crawford is in constant motion like that, rather than engrossed in his intricate choreography of crossover and between-the-leg-dribbles, he is a tough, tough cover. Perhaps the …continue reading

Suns 112 Knicks 107

The Knicks were toe to toe in the first half with one of the best teams in the league due to an odd set of circumstances. With Marbury unavailable due to injury and Jeffries unavailable due to a lack of talent, Isiah Thomas had to improvise with the rotation. Lee, Robinson, & Balkman saw more time than they normally would, and it paid off. As usual Lee rebounded well (4 REB in the first half) and chipped in 6 points. The diminutive Robinson didn’t shoot well (1-7), but pulled down an astounding 6 rebounds and got Steve Nash into foul trouble. Balkman played defense well in Jeffries’ stead, and provided a spark off the bench. As a team, the Knicks held the Suns to a halftime offensive efficiency of 94.1, well below their yearly average of 116.6.

More Painful Than A Blowout?

The Knicks are only down three points at the half to the team that is most likely the best team in the NBA. They’re playing without Stephon Marbury. I should be happy. Instead, I am pretty aggravated, as the Knicks were up TEN with eight minutes to go in the half, and proceeded to completely change the game plan that worked so well earlier in the game. Remember last game? The terrible loss to the Heat? In the middle of the Heat’s big run, the Knicks could not keep from stopping the run because they kept rushing jumpers – refusing …continue reading