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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Monthly Archives: December 2006

How Much Will They Get?

Okay, while there may be a quibble here and a squabble there, I think we basically can agree that the Knicks and the Nuggets were pretty even in the ol’ “acted poorly” category. The media is already going into Breen-overload on how disgraceful the fight was, so how about just trying to put some distance between us and the vast moral high ground the media has, and just evaluate how many games we think the various players will be suspended? Let’s begin! I’ll go in order from who I think will get the fewest to who I think will get …continue reading

That Was *)(^%^! Awful!

Eddy Curry’s consecutive 20-point scoring streak ended at 11 games. The Pacers did a good job of being physical with him, pushing him just out of deep post position. They also did a good job of mixing up single and double coverage. I sensed from the telecast that Curry was frustrated but not so much that his effort level dropped off significantly from previous nights. (In fact I noted some pretty good defensive efforts one-on-one against Jermaine O’Neal, a vastly quicker player.) He just got outplayed. It’ll be interesting to see what he brings tonight versus Denver. When Q-Rich left …continue reading

Some More Tempered Enthusiasm

Once again, in a game the Knicks absolutely had to win (the Hawks playing on the road on the second night of a back-to-back without their star player), they did. And that, as Marth Stewart might say, is a good thing. However, once again, you can’t get too excited when the Knicks beat up on teams they certainly SHOULD beat up on. It is a nice sign, though, and certainly a better one than LOSING to teams like this (and it is also an improvement over the Memphis game, which was a blow-out that turned into a ballgame). Eddy Curry …continue reading

Does Curry’s Recent Play Mean He’s Turned the Corner?

The short answer is, “I don’t know and neither does anyone else, probably not even Curry.” But, since we here at KB don’t specialize in short answers I figured I’d dig a little deeper. I wanted to see how many times Curry has sustained a similar level of play for eight games. [Note: I finished a draft of this post just before tip vs. Milwaukee. I updated following Curry’s performance after the game. Curry came into the Milwaukee game with eight consecutive 20+ point performances, and three consecutive games with 10+ rebounds.] I went over to Curry’s page at …continue reading

What’s the deal with Knicks in 60?

While we wait to see if the Knicks can beat the Bucks (and also, where the heck is Allen Iverson going to end up?), let me do my best Seinfeld impersonation and ask, “What’s the deal with Knicks in 60?” Does anybody else watch this program? It is amazingly awful. I understand that condensing a full game into an hour (more likely about 44 minutes, with commercials taken into consideration) is quite a difficult task, but Knicks in 60 doesn’t even seem to ATTEMPT to do a good job. What it really appears like (and I doubt this is actually …continue reading

Wanted: Basketball IQ. Please Inquire Within.

Perhaps it is unwise to post right after yet another home loss because I may end up typing words I may regret one day; like when KB, Brian, and I put in our takeover bid for the Knicks. (You know it’s just a matter of time.) But this was the kind of loss that tastes bad going down and leaves you feeling queasy because the Knicks more or less refused to even put themselves in a position to win. Just into the second quarter, when I picked up the game, Arenas and Jamison were staging a full-on assault against the …continue reading

Tempered Enthusiasm

There’s a memorable line from the poker film Rounders that goes, “If you can’t spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker.” This applies to basketball teams as well. If you can’t pick out the easy games that should definitely win on your schedule, well, then you are the easy games on the other teams’ schedules. Luckily, the Memphis Grizzlies still definitely qualify as the “sucker at the table,” and the Knicks took care of them last night in a generally all-around pummeling, although it was unsettling that the Grizzlies actually cut …continue reading