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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Monthly Archives: December 2006

This is what it is supposed to feel like

This Knick victory, 151-146 over the Detroit Pistons, is the kind of game that the Knicks have been striving for – a win against a good team where the Knicks never felt like they were outclassed. It never felt like it was a shock that they were in the game. It felt natural. This is what we all want to see – not necessarily a win (although wins are great), but just the feeling of “It is not a surprise if the Knicks beat these guys.” It’s a good feeling. I hope it continues. As for the game, WOW, what …continue reading

More Knick Defense

Although the pundits, and even some of the players, have focused on the brawl’s aftermath as the catalyst for the team’s recent surge I want to focus on the team’s defensive improvements over the past few games. I suppose, if anything, the brawl may have marked the team’s symbolic “rock bottom,” that moment many recovering substance abusers point to as the catharsis that precedes real change. In a recent post KB points out that the Knicks have been an atrocious defensive team. Without question this is true. The Knicks routinely hang their heads and jettison any pretense of defensive intensity …continue reading

Hubie On The Fight/Foul/Isiah

Fantastic link here (courtesy of Just a taste (but there is plenty of good stuff here) Now, we have all been in a few games during the season ? I always say there are five you cannot do anything about. You can?t help your team tonight, and they?ll lose by 30; or you might win by 30, and can?t screw it up. Five games a year, okay? All you?re doing is exhausting yourself and giving yourself agida by worrying about it. All you have to know is if you?re in the business for a while, the pendulum always …continue reading

Thank you, Trent Tucker

As it turned out, the only way to keep Jamal Crawford from hoisting up a long distance, period-ending jumper was to have a rule that specifically says you canNOT shoot the ball. And thankfully for the Knicks, that’s just what happened. It’s still only the Bobcats, but two wins in a row are two wins in a row. I’ll take what I can get.