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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Monthly Archives: November 2006

Two Losses Exposes Two Knick Weaknesses

After starting off the season on the right foot with a win in Memphis, the Knicks have reverted back to their old ways. New York lost by 10 in Atlanta, and was embarrassed in their home opener with a 14 point loss against Indiana. Both times the Knicks had started off the 4th quarter within striking distance. Against the Hawks they were only down by 6, and against the Pacers Nate Robinson’s three pointer brought them within 1. Unfortunately the fourth quarter wasn’t kind to New York in either game, and now the Knicks are under .500 only 3 games …continue reading

Mr. Accentuate the Positive

I’m heading out to Seattle tomorrow to catch my beloved Seahawks versus the Ray-duhs on Monday night. [Dave sticks his fingers in his ears.] La la la la la la. I can’t hear anything about Super Bowl losers’ curse. La la la la la la la. So I figured I’d weigh in with the rare Friday afternoon post on the opening game of the 2006-2007 Knick season. Without having seen much more than about 5 minutes of said game I don’t know that I can offer much insight on the actual contest–certainly nothing beyond what KB has already posted. However, …continue reading

Knicks 2007 Season Preview

For the most part, the Knicks are starting off the 2007 season with the same roster that they ended the 2006 season. So instead on dwelling on each player or position, I’d like to concentrate on how the Knicks are going to be different in 2007. The New Guys Although the same lovable group that lost a whopping 59 games will be back, there are a few new cast members. Isiah Thomas sought to revamp the small forward position in the offseason. Thomas signed Jeffries from the Washington Wizards and grabbed Renaldo Balkman with his first pick in the draft. …continue reading