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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Monthly Archives: November 2006

How Can You Be THAT Self Aware?

From an article by Frank Isola in today’s Daily News, here is Eddy Curry talking about how non-assertive he is, as compared to Shaquille O’Neal: Thomas yearns for the day when Curry develops O’Neal’s mentality and exudes his confidence. That day, however, may never come. Even Curry acknowledged a major difference between himself and O’Neal by saying, “If I can learn to walk around with his demeanor it would turn into wins for the team.” How can you be so good at identifying a flaw in your game like that and not be able to even slightly address it? It …continue reading

Now That Was More Like It…

If only every game could be like this past one, where the Knicks were clicking on both offense AND defense, and just dismantled the Washington Wizards, 102-82. Outside of the sparkling play of David Lee (which we have come to expect), Renaldo Balkman was the clear story, scoring 18 points to go along with seven boards (FIVE of them offensive) and two blocks, in just 21 minutes of playing time. Lee’s 10 points and 15 bounds took place in 27 minutes of play. Talk about maximizing your minutes! Meanwhile, the Knicks hounded Gilbert Arenas into a terrible shooting night. Marbury …continue reading

Leading the Blind

Hey folks, I totally missed last night’s game, so all I have to go on it is the recap and the box score, so how about you folks fill me in on the particulars? Why did Isiah not go to Kelvin Cato or Malik Rose on Yao? Did he try them for a little bit and they looked awful? Is T-Mac just in a huge shooting slump, or did the Knicks play good defense on him? Did Marbury have as good of a game as his stats indicate (although what’s up with the downward trend with his free throw shooting?)? …continue reading

Okay, Maybe We Can Let Him Take the Last Shot…

I’ll have you know that that play happened just as Isiah diagrammed. It was the ol’ “Throw an insanely stupid cross court pass, then block the pass from the guy who stole the ball from you then recover the ball then take a crazy-looking 30-foot three pointer” play. I think Thomas learned that play when he was younger. He was a fighter back then. Did you know that? I did not. I wish someone would tell me more about Thomas’ fighting background. Maybe Thomas will talk about it some day. That was such a crazy play, and the weirdest thing …continue reading

Four Games in and I’m Already Counting Moral Victories

Not a good sign. Especially as .500 makes it long trip away from the team’s sight. Still, watching the team close within one was totally awesome to see. Just that the rest of the game was a blight upon my eyes. Please someone tell me that it is just, as John Hollinger said in his chat today, that Frye is just not in game shape yet. Please? Speaking of moral victories, when both Mardy Collins AND Malik Rose are important parts of the comeback – you know you got something weird going on.