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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Monthly Archives: November 2006

New York 101 Cleveland 98

How unlikely was yesterday’s game? The Knicks didn’t falter in the 4th quarter (unlikely event #1). Crawford had the ball for the last shot & drove to the hoop (unlikely event #2). When the defense colapsed, instead of taking the shot, Crawford passed the ball (unlikely event #3) to Eddy Curry who caught it (unlikely event #4). Curry finished with a dunk, was fouled, & hit the free throw. The Knicks had a chance to seal it up, but Steve Francis missed both free throws (unlikely event #5), and the Knicks still held on to win (unlikely event #6). I …continue reading

Cheap Shot Theater

I’ll certainly admit that the life of the sports columnist can be pretty difficult. It’s hard to think of interesting things to write about constantly, but really, far too often, you’ll see columnists churn out basically what I call “cheap shot columns,” where they just play to their audience’s pre-conceived notions, and tear down players and general managers and coaches/managers because they know it’ll be easy and most of their audience will be receptive to their views. Occasionally, I figure I’ll point some out when I see them. Today, Adrian Wojnarowski had one such column over at Yahoo! Sports. Read …continue reading

CTN Power Rankings – 11/25/06 Team Name: Golden State (8-6) OTTER Rank: 8 Preseason Ranking: 19 Improvement from Last Week: +7 2007 Ranking: 6 2007 ModCol: 0.602 Sure they lost to the Suns, and then back to back games against the Nuggets. But they are only 1 of 2 teams to beat the Jazz. Was that really Matt Barnes with back to back 20+ point eruptions?

New York 101 Boston 77

Just 6 days after an embarrassing defeat at home, the New York Knicks got revenge on the road. Last night in Boston, the Knicks beat the Celtics 101-77 avenging their 122-118 loss at home last Saturday. The road to victory came in the second half as the Knicks went into a 2-3 zone defense which stymied their opponents. Unlike the first game, the zone kept the Celtics on the perimeter. Ryan Gomes who had 6 offensive rebounds and 10 of his 22 points from the free throw line in the first matchup, failed to record an offensive rebound and didn’t …continue reading

Early Results Suggest Improvement

Although the season is still young, perhaps enough games have passed (11 of 82, or 13.4%) for us to get a handle on some of the emerging trends for the Knicks? ongoing 06-07 campaign, and in particular to see how things compare to last season?s trainwreck. Some have suspected (or outright accused) Larry Brown of deliberately veering the 05-06 Titaknicks headlong into disaster, and so it bears investigating how the undoubtedly earnest bailing efforts of captain Isiah are proceeding thus far, with essentially the same cast and crew as the last go-around. The Quick Preseason proclamations from Thomas indicated that …continue reading

Miami’s Offense Dwindling

Coming into today’s game the Miami Heat were ranked 29th in offense in the NBA. Early in the season, you expect to see anomalies in the numbers, even when it concerns the defending champs. Judging from tonight’s results, this may not be an anomaly. The Miami Heat managed to score only 76 points against the New York Knicks who came into the game ranked 21st on defense. New York had an 11 point lead early in the third, when Dwayne Wade was forced out of the game after picking up his 4th foul. Employee #3 came back into the game …continue reading