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Monday, June 25, 2018

Monthly Archives: October 2006

Jeffries’ Injury An Opportunity

Just last week I praised Jeffries for stabilizing the Knicks defense, and this morning reports have hit the news of the Knicks swingman breaking his wrist. Jeffries won’t likely be around for the Knicks opener on November first’s game in Memphis, but he should be back by December first’s game in Detroit. The injury will cost the Knicks wing somewhere between 3 and 6 weeks, and CNNSI has taken the opportunity to bash the Knicks by covering the news with the title: “It’s always something – Jeffries’ broken wrist leaves Knicks scrambling again.” Scrambling? Hardly. As I commented yesterday the …continue reading

Looking at Others’ Knick Season Outlook

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what the various major sports websites were saying about the Knicks at the start of training camp, so let’s do that now! John Hollinger, for ESPN Insider, makes all the right points (overpaid for Jeffries, the team turned the ball over too much, not signing Butler was idiotic), but I was pleased, as a Knick fan, to see his overall take on the team: With a small, quick backcourt of Marbury and Francis, there’s a lot of talk that the Knicks will run and push the ball like the …continue reading

Preseason: Nets 97 Knicks 111

Random Thoughts: Eddy Curry looked good on offense. He has good hands when receiving the ball & is too strong for players to guard in the post. Curry does use his bulk too much, and had 2 first half turnovers. Unfortunately Curry looked pitiful on defense, especially early on. The Nets were scoring almost all of their early points in the paint, taking advantage of the small Knicks backcourt. Curry committed a flagrant foul by grabbing Richard Jefferson around the waist midair. Eddy’s problem seems to stem from a lack of knowledge on how to properly defend. He seems too …continue reading

Zeke Finished With His Free Spending Ways?

Today’s New York Times has an article entitled “The Warmth Thomas Is Feeling Is Likely the Hot Seat” about Isiah Thomas feeling the pressure to succeed as the New York Knicks coach. While Thomas won’t get a warm feeling reading that article, there was one passage that warmed the cockles of my heart: Thomas obtained his priciest players ? Marbury, Rose, Francis, Crawford and Curry ? by trading expiring contracts. But Thomas said he was done doing so, which is why he could afford to cut Taylor and keep Rose. “We?re not in the same situation that we were two …continue reading

Training Camp Begins! Let the Festivies Commence!

Thank goodness – some actual basketball news!! The official training camp begins later today, and yesterday (Media Day) had a number of interesting quotes from players and some intriguing hints as to what we can expect from this year’s Knicks. First off, I am quite pleased about the Mo Taylor waiving. And yes, it is amusing that one of the things that alienated Larry Brown from the front office was his “waive him, him and him” attitude. While his expiring contract could be quite intriguing to other teams – exactly what were the Knicks going to get with that expiring …continue reading