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Friday, December 13, 2019

Monthly Archives: August 2006

Fantasy Football 2006

Last night I had an online fantasy football draft. It was a 12 team league, and by all accounts this year should be a running back heavy year. Just about every fantasy mock draft has running backs going 5th to 10th. In my draft, the first four picks were Larry Johnson, Shaun Alexandar, LT2, and Tiki Barber. So with the 5th pick, I decide to take… Peyton Manning. Earlier in the day Aaron Schatz (yes THAT Aaron Schatz) said in a BP Chat that taking Manning in the 4-5-6 range was justifiable “if all touchdowns are equal.” So with the …continue reading

Great Regular Season Knick Wins of the Past Decade

Okay, so training camp isn’t opening for awhile, and all the news in the papers is either about Jeffries (who I think we have covered) and the sexual harrassment thing (which I doubt any of us have much to say on), so let’s try something different. Let’s all share some memories of classic Knick wins of the past ten years! We all know the playoff wins by heart, so let’s try just regular season games that people may have forgotten – so no playoff games, folks!

KnickerBlogger’s Official Take on the Jeffries Signing

At the end of David Crockett’s appraisal of the Jeffries signing, he states “So, numerous paragraphs later I’m still not sure how I feel about this. What about you all?” and Brian Cronin said in his Jeffries post “either Dave or Mike will be tomorrow to give us a more in-depth look at the signing.” So I guess it’s my turn. Like Dr. C, I’ll break it down on 3 separate issues. 1. Has Thomas overpaid for Jeffries? Personally I’d say yes, not necessarily in price but in years. In fact he’s similar to two SF that the Knicks had …continue reading

The Knicks Wanted Him…Now They Have Him

The Wizards officially announced that they would not be matching the Knicks’ offer on Jared Jeffries today, making the 6’11” forward an official member of the New York Knicks. Whether this is a good thing or not is a whole other matter.

The Knicks Want Jeffries

The Knicks have signed Wizards forward Jared Jeffries to their mid-level exception (i.e., 5-years averaging $6 million per). Because the team is over the luxury tax threshold it will have to match the contract dollar-for-dollar in taxes should Washington choose not to match it. The Washington Post is reporting that the contract has language designed to discourage Washington from matching or demanding a sign-and-trade. Jeffries? agent has also made it clear that his client wishes to play in New York. However, matching the offer is not?financially speaking?especially burdensome for Washington, who has the cap space. So, is this a good …continue reading