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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Monthly Archives: December 2005

Losing <> Rebuilding

“People say this is a rebuilding year, we are suppose to lose.” “This is rebuilding. It just doesn’t seem like it because this should have been Scott Layden’s responsibility.” “this team is four years behind schedule thanks to Scott Layden’s refusal to do anything that resembled a rebuilding process. What we are seeing now is that rebuilding process, more or less, and you can expect to see this for the next two or three years because that’s at least how long it takes to turn things around.” The fans say the Knicks are rebuilding. The press says the team is …continue reading

Why the Knicks should leave Artest alone

[Although his original piece was lost due to an electronic malfunction, Lead Roster Analyst David Crawford recesitated these free thoughts about acquiring Ron Artest.] 1. The Knicks are at a crossroads similar to the one they faced just prior to the Marbury trade. Should they import new talent or steady the cap situation and build with the kids? In retrospect, with the benefit of perfect hindsight, it’s hard to see how making the move for Marbury was worth it. Isiah’s real strength is the draft. The Knicks would have been better served to ride out the Anderson, Witherspoon, and Eisley …continue reading