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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Monthly Archives: November 2005 Eddy Curry Interview

Sorry folks. Between work, my wife’s birthday & the stat page, there hasn’t been much time for blogging. So here’s an interview with Mr. Curry. LINK: So yeah, talk about the evolution of your game. Eddy Curry: The next step for me is to continue to try to jell with this team. Try to just make this my home. I hope to be playing here for the next 12, 14 years, so I just want to make this my home and make this a very special place again.

CTN: What Can Stats Do For You? (Part III)

LINK: The problem with per game stats is simple. Although each team plays a 48 minute game, the participants can try to limit (or expand) the number of opportunities to score each game. Last year the Pistons had fewer opportunities to score than the Suns. This is because the Suns had Steve Nash pushing the ball up court at every opportunity, and Phoenix?s unmatched athleticism at every position was able to sustain that high tempo offense. Meanwhile, in Detroit Larry Brown had Hamilton run around screens until he was open, and the Pistons milked the shot clock like it …continue reading

What They’re Saying About the Knicks 11/08/05

The NY Sun’s John Hollinger: First, Trevor Ariza has to replace Matt Barnes as the starting small forward.While Barnes is a better on-ball defender, he is just killing them offensively by shooting 40% and averaging a meager 6.7 points per game. Opponents don’t even bother guarding him, because he’s so ineffective from outside, and he lacks Ariza’s energy around the rim. Besides, Ariza is no defensive slouch; he’s averaging over two steals a game. (Barnes does, however, hold an unequivocal advantage in hairgel consumption. His ‘do has more lard than the fry station at Wendy’s.) The NY Daily News’ Frank …continue reading

CTN: What Can Stats Do For You? (Part II)

LINK: The truth is we could use any multiplier for per minute stats: 10, 12, 40, 48, pi, the square root of 2, or the national debt. The number 40 was taken because in today?s NBA the best players average about that many minutes. What?s important to remember is that per 40 minute stats is not advocating that the coach should give that player 40 minutes a night. When someone mentions that Mariano Rivera had a 1.38 ERA, they?re not saying that Mo should go out and throw all 9 innings. Nor are they saying that if Rivera pitched …continue reading

Washington 86 New York 75

Again just some quick notes: * Matt Barnes can do everything on the defensive end, but he’s a mess on offense. He drives to the hoop uncontrollably, and he doesn’t have Marbury ability to pass or finish. On one drive he panicked in the air and threw the ball right into Arenas’ hands. Gilbert was so shocked that he knocked the pass out of bounds. Matt gets rejected way too often for my tastes, especially after rebounds. If Larry Brown is going to leave him on the court at the end of the game, Barnes needs to become less aggressive. …continue reading

New York 100 Boston 114

Sorry folks I don’t have time for a full analysis tonight. Tonight the Knicks played 4 good quarters of basketball, but the game went 5. Here are some nuggets to chew on: Throughout the game, you could tell that the Knicks defense looked improved. Even guys like Marbury showed improvement. It’s nice to have a front court that isn’t shorter than the other team’s. No Lee. No Frye. No Butler. The Knicks were awful on the glass. Curry couldn’t even get a missed Celtic free throw late in the game. The lineup down the stretch was: Marbury, Crawford, Barnes, Davis, …continue reading