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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Monthly Archives: October 2005

Isiah Might Serve Up Another Gem In Butler

Last March I wrote an article titled Zeke?s Eye For The Draftee Guy which praised the Knicks GM on his ability to find talent in the draft. At the time it was based on his his only selection in New York where he stole Trevor Ariza in the second round, combined with his stellar record in Toronto where he drafted Damon Stoudamire, Marcus Camby, and Tracy McGrady. Since then he’s had three more picks with the Knicks. While the final verdict is still out on these rookies, they have been well received so far. A few days before writing that …continue reading

Houston’s Retirement A Reminder Of Cap Consequences

Judging Allan Houston by his on the court persona, it’s hard not to like the guy. Houston’s jump shot was picture perfect, straight out of a basketball text book. Using his height and a quick pull up, Allan only needed a few inches of space between him and his defender to score. Number 20’s range extended from beyond the arc, and he was automatic from the charity stripe. Houston provided a valuable scoring presence on a Knick team that badly needed it, and he hit his fair share of big shots. For 10 seasons Houston was extremely durable, never missing …continue reading

2006 Preseason – Mavs 104 Knicks 102

Although the Knicks played the Nets in Connecticut on Saturday night, yesterday’s game against the Mavs in the Garden was their first televised preseason game of 2006. I could do a statistical analysis of the Net game, but as preseason games go it’s hard to determine what was accomplished against the starters and what was done against New Jersey’s end of the bench. So I’ll give my impressions of some of the Knicks from Sunday’s game instead. David Lee With all the hoopla over Frye and Robinson, Lee has been the lost Knicks rookie. Sunday evening he was the most …continue reading

Klosterman & The “New” vs. “Old” Media

If this is the only blog you read and you find little reason to head over to these days (like Aaron Gleeman), you might not have heard about the little discussion Bill Simmons & Chuck Klosterman had the other day. The two wrote a “column” on a sports centered site that happens to discuss everything but sports. In between talking about (I kid you not) the movie Face Off and which was Pearl Jam’s greatest album, they take time out to bash blogs and the young generation. Klosterman: …What will be interesting about the coming generation of people (at …continue reading