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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Monthly Archives: June 2005

What Can the Pistons Do Now? Game Four Thoughts

[I can’t think of any cool Knickerblogger-style introduction. So I’ll just tell you that you can reach me, Dave Crockett, as always at] Down 2-0, with game 3 tonight, what can Detroit do to get back in the series? Well, not much. In one respect what we are seeing is SA?s superior balance. Consequently, Detroit is having major difficulty taking anything away from SA with their base defense. Also, as others have mentioned, we?re seeing Detroit’s bench finally catch up to them. Though rarely mentioned by name, Detroit sorely misses Corliss Williamson and Memhet Okur. Antonio McDyess has played …continue reading

To Watch Or Not To Watch?

Why should I watch the rest of this series? So far it’s obvious that the Pistons are overmatched. Can this series be salvaged, or are we doomed to another 2 hours of boredom? Right now, it looks as if Detroit will get swept, but what does history tell us? So, I went back and looked over the first two games of every Finals since 1980. There have been only 4 series to go the minimum amount of games, and the average point difference of those games isn’t really telling. Year Avg Loss02 1495 6.589 7.583 8 The 2002 Lakers demolished …continue reading

Round 3: NBA Blogger’s Bracket

Heading into the Finals, let’s take a look at the KnickerBlogger NBA bracket standings. Rank Name URL ECC WCC Total 1 Kevin Broom 0 5 70 2 Kelly Dwyer 5 5 68 3 Kevin 0 5 66 5 Mr.BB 0 5 65 5 Ron Hitley 0 5 65 5 Matt Bernhardt 5 7 65 7.5 Roland 5 0 64 7.5 KnickerBlogger KnickerBlogger.Net 0 5 64 9 Aaron Schatz 0 5 57 10.5 Larry Fleisher 7 0 56 10.5 Justin Kubatko 0 5 56 12.5 Martin Johnson 7 0 54 …continue reading

Detroit 88 Miami 82

It wasn’t a game I watched to write a blog about. It wasn’t a game I watched to gain some insight on some statistical theory I had. There was no updating box score running on my computer as I watched. I’m a notorious multitasker, and for the last quarter I put everything aside to solely concentrate on game 7. And I wasn’t disappointed. In what was the most exciting game of the 2004 playoffs, game 7 between the Heat & the Pistons went down to the final minutes. Although the Heat went into the fourth quarter with a 2 point …continue reading

Revisiting Nash?s MVP Season: Short-Shorts and Culture Clash in the NBA

[Today’s article comes from the mind of David Crockett. “Dr. C” is the director of KnickerBlogger.Net’s Culture & Marketing Department. In his spare time, David Crockett is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of South Carolina, and can be reached at] I don?t generally pay too much attention to regular season awards but the subject of Steve Nash?s MVP award has stayed on my mind throughout these playoffs for two reasons. First, Nash has played out of his mind offensively in the playoffs. (Amare Stoudemire was just on another planet but that?s for another day.) Heading into …continue reading

Carnival #10

If you’re looking for more to read about the NBA, the blog carnival #10 is up. It’s a long one, so you’ll have plenty to read.